Stories for October 2004


Sunday, October 31

Fogle a man of great integrity and truthfulness

The voters in District Three have a clear choice for Supervisor in Bill Fogle.Mr. Fogle is a former Marine, Phoenix police officer, Department of Public Safety Lieutenant, and was Chief Deputy for Gila County.

Saturday, October 30

Health Fair offers free or low-cost services

This Saturday, Nov. 6, from 8 a.m. to noon, the old Payson High School gymnasium will be filled with health care providers and information booths to help area residents stay healthy.

La Feria de Salud ofrece servicios baratos o gratuitos

La sexta celebración anual de la feria de salud se acerca, la cual da a residentes locales acceso a pruebas y examinaciones baratas o gratuitas.

Friday, October 29

Photo Gallery: Halloween costume contest 2004

We hope you enjoy this community photo gallery. The Roundup would like to thank all the children who participated in our Halloween costume contest. With more than 50 children entering, it was difficult to choose winners. See all the entries here in full color with larger file sizes to download and print.

Thursday, October 28

Volleyball: Seniors' effort comes up short

Healthy doses of spirit, heart and determination weren't enough to earn the seven senior members of the Lady Longhorn volleyball team the state tournament berth the players have cherished the past four seasons.

Pine, Strawberry residents to select new leaders for water improvement district

The Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District has been re-formed by the Gila County Board of Supervisors and now needs to have seven residents elected to serve as its board of directors.

Scouting roundup set for Nov. 4


I have just returned from a week away. A couple of items came to me after I had submitted the column. I feel terrible when I miss something, particularly when someone takes the time to get it to me. I will be gone a few more times in the next two months. Please try to get your information to me by Tuesday morning. Many thanks.

Beware of the reckless flying witches


The witches of Tonto Village have returned. But, again, their motor skills are not up to par and they lost their sense of direction and broadsided right into the trees at Jerry and Jan Farmer's home and at the Double D Restaurant. Ouch.

Halloween happenings along the creek


I decided to head out again this Tuesday night in search of more Halloween lights, and to my surprise I found a few more.

Fire marshal shares tips for a safe Halloween

Planning ahead can help make this Halloween a fire-safe one. Taking simple fire safety precautions, like making sure fabrics for costumes and decorative materials are flame-resistant, can prevent fires.

Robert and Carol Lee celebrate golden anniversary

The children of Robert J. (Bob) and Carol Lee announce the celebration of their parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Makena Melissa Archer

Aaron and Kelli Archer announce the birth of Makena Melissa Archer

Cleo M. Gardner (1918-2004)

Cleo M. Gardner, 86, of Cottonwood, died Oct. 21, 2004. She was born March 1, 1918 in Arcadia, Kan.

Playoffs primed for youth football

The Rim country is the home of four youth football teams locked in the midst of the battle for postseason honors -- the Bears, Broncos, Buccaneers and Raiders.

Native fish return to Fossil Creek

Arizona Game and Fish biologists will use helicopters and 55-gallon drums Friday to return native fish to Fossil Creek.

PHS finds new home in 3A conference

The Class 4A Conference executive board's decision to split into two divisions appears to have created what would have been the perfect regional alignment for Payson High School.

Longhorn Golf: To defend crown, Horns need rally

With 18 holes remaining in the Grand Canyon Region golf tournament, the Longhorns are 13 strokes from defending their 2003 championship and earning a berth in the state tournament.

Local hunter, Burdette, downs 6x6 bull elk

Local hunter, Burdette, downs 6x6 bull elk on the first day of the fall hunt.

Payson Parks and Recreation events and activites

Town of Payson Parks and Recreation Roundup of events and activities

Players fine-tuned their skills for the basketball season

At open gym sessions Tuesday in Wilson Dome, players fine-tuned their skills for the basketball season.

Flake wants to change jobs, shape future

If there is a patriarch of rural, small-town Arizona politics, it's Jake Flake, R-Snowflake.

Martin wants county to be more responsive

Tommie Cline Martin has been speaking to everyone that wants to hear from her in her bid to become the District 1 Supervisor for Gila County.

Whitely running due to dissatisfaction

Sydney "Jim" Whitely quietly and successfully made a primary write-in bid to be the Democrats' nomination for the District 1 Gila County Supervisor.

Incumbent sheriff says he's kept promises

John Armer, the Democratic incumbent for Gila County sheriff, said he has kept the promises he made to residents four years ago.

Pound wants to build agency relationships

Kim Pound, the Republican candidate for Gila County Sheriff, is a lieutenant in the Salt River Police Department but lives in Payson.

Superintendent knows value of education

Armida Bittner has served as Gila County's Superintendent of Schools since 1988. She was first appointed to the post in March 1988

O'Dell wants change in superintendent's office

A former educator and school administrator, Linda O'Dell is seeking the office of Gila County School Superintendent.

Brewer says he's most qualified for constable

Republican Sam Brewer said he has had his eye on the job of constable since he was a Gila County sheriff's deputy back in 1994.

Freeman brings people skills to constable's post

Democrat Roger Freeman spent 40 years in management for the Boeing Corporation.

Dawson offers spirit of service, discussion

Shirley Dawson believes her history of service makes her a prime candidate to be one of the next Gila County Supervisors.

Fogle brings police background to race

Bill Fogle made a successful write-in bid for the Republican nomination for Gila County District 3 Supervisor. He brings a law enforcement background to the race.

Udall promises to raise Arizona rankings

Democrat Cameron Udall, 33. running for the District 5 State Senate seat, has little trouble identifying the issues that trouble her.

Three in race for State House seats

The three-way race for the two State House seats that will represent District 5 is being contested by two Republicans and one Democrat. Political veterans Bill Konopnicki (R) and Jack Brown (D), are running in a team with another veteran, Jake Flake (R), who is vying for the State Senate seat being vacated by Brown because of term limits.

Many candidates uncontested in coming election

Not all hopefuls are facing opposing candidates. A number of Gila County incumbents, school board and special district candidates are uncontested. Officials who have free rides through the 2004 election season are:

Babbitt commits to small-town Arizona

Paul Babbitt has been in Arizona most of his life, and wants to take his experience to Washington, D.C. as one of the state's congressmen.

Libertarian will push for less government

John Crockett grew up spending half of his time in Flagstaff, and says that he is "very aware" of District 1 issues

Renzi believes much more needs to be done

Republican Rick Renzi is asking voters in the Arizona First District to return him to Congress.

Taxi service keeps people moving

The Rim country's newest taxi service, Lightning Transportation, will give customers a lift anywhere in the state.

SCORE surveying local businesses

The volunteers who bring SCORE services to Payson and the Rim country are conducting a survey of businesses in the area to assess the continuing need for the program.

Advice on starting a business: just do it

Question: How do I start my own business? Answer: The best way to go into business is to go into business. But first, you should write a business plan.

Voters learn about candidates at local forum

About 75 curious voters turned out Oct. 25 to learn more about the candidates running in a variety of local, county, and state elections. A candidates forum was held Oct. 25 at the Tonto Apache gymnasium, sponsored by concerned Republicans of Gila County, and moderated by Clarice Christensen.

Greed is destroying country

Dave Ricker's letter "Thinking Democrats should switch parties" reminds me why, as a thinking Republican, I will be voting for Kerry.

Commitment to rural areas deep

Some residents are unaware of the depth of Representative Bill Konopnicki's commitment to rural Arizona. Although Bill does not reside in Gila County, he has supported and contributed toward many things that have had a positive impact upon the residents of Gila County.

Let's keep America's jobs in America

A recent business transaction gave me a personal wake-up call about the massive outsourcing of American jobs to foreign markets.

Defense is not his priority

What is Kerry's voting record? Senator Kerry voted to kill every military appropriation for the development and deployment of every weapons system since 1988, including a bill for body armor for our troops.

Vote for the ‘cowboy' candidate

My mother used to say: We tend to judge others by ourselves. In other words, those who always think others are liars are usually liars themselves.

Vote O'Dell for better education

We are long-time residents of the Pine-Strawberry area. We are writing to urge you to support -- and vote for -- local resident Linda O'Dell, who is running for Gila County School Superintendent.

Choose the anti-abortion candidate

One of the great American values is we take our vote seriously. We debate. We question. We listen. And then after Nov. 2, we support whoever is elected.

Saying "no" to fear

Fear is all he has left to run on. George W. Bush cannot win, if you are not afraid. His only hope is to prey upon your fears.

Leave candidates' signs alone

On Oct. 9 I put up a 4-by-4 Bush/Cheney sign by the Honey Stand in Pine. The next day it was gone. So I put a small sign across the road. In a few days it was torn in half. Someone told me that his Bush/Cheney signs in Whispering Pines have disappeared.

Further clarification on election laws

Due to the positive response to my letter in last week's Roundup, and the request for more information regarding Arizona's Election Statutes, I would like to further clarify Arizona's election laws for our newcomers.

Join us for Kerry's victory party

Sen. John McCain sounded so much like a Democrat in his talk to the Payson Town Hall Saturday afternoon, I wondered if the Roundup had made a terrible boo-boo. But I really believe it was just a political ploy on McCain's part to regain credibility in Gila County to help him get re-elected.

Vote no on Prop. 102

I have just received a report from the Goldwater Institute that has changed my opinion on Proposition 102. If you study Prop. 102, which would change the state constitution to permit Arizona's universities to take equity in corporations in exchange for patents or other intellectual property, closely, I think you will see it is unnecessary.

Now is time for God's people to stand up

Christians, whatever your political viewpoint is on the Iraq War, the economy, the environment, health care or taxes, we must not ignore the ethical events of this nation. In her power and in her strength, America has grown proud and godless. She is also being deceived.

Brewer for constable

It's time to elect a knowledgeable, dedicated and professional person to the position of constable. Sam Brewer is dedicated to serve the people of our county in a professional way.

Cramming for the 2004 election exam

After attending a recent candidate forum, a colleague noted that the term "informed voter" seems to be somewhat of an oxymoron. "It still amazes me," she said, "the ratio of people who gripe about our elected officials to the ones who go to the forums and meet them and learn about them."

What's Up: Is the town making effort to get Rawhide

Q: Is the town council making any effort to get Rawhide (theme park) up here? I hear the attraction has to move from where they are.

Site Feedback: Re: Bush on flu shots

Re: Bush on flu shots In fighting his war on terror, President Bush has said a lot about protecting American interests overseas, but as the flu shot situation shows, he simply forgot to protect them at home.

Survey to determine need for YMCA

A telephone survey is under way to determine the feasibility of a YMCA branch in Payson.

Playful spirits make their home at Main Street restaurant

Madeline Manchio is not one to believe in supernatural occurrences. "I rationalize everything," the co-owner of Mad Dawg's & Mel's Restaurant said. "I told myself, I'm not going to feed into this stuff."

Zane Grey Cabin group awarded $50,000 grant

The Zane Grey Cabin Foundation received a $50,000 grant from the Gila River Indian Community at the Payson Town Council meeting Thursday evening.

Racist flier raises concerns of budding hate group

The Payson Police Department is looking for the culprits who distributed a white supremacist flier to homes in a Payson neighborhood Sunday night.

Community health fair coming Nov. 6

A free community health fair will take place from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Nov. 6 in the old Payson High School gym (please use parking lot off Longhorn Road).

U.S. Senate race pits star and unknowns

Republican John McCain was first elected to Congress in 1982, in 1986 he was elected to the U.S. Senate, and is currently the senior senator from Arizona.

Decision 2004: Election overview

Voters must take responsibility

An at-a-glance review before you go to the polls on Nov. 2. The Roundup's "Decision 2004" includes brief information about the candidates in contested local, county and state races that will be on the Nov. 2 ballot.

Corporation commission races have variety

The Arizona Corporation Commission has four seats to be filled in the 2004 elections. One seat is for a two-year term, expiring Jan. 1, 2007. Three seats are for four-year terms which conclude Jan. 1, 2009.

What's Up: What happened with the "toll" money

Q: What happened with the "toll" money collected for Hillside Road in Nick Berezenko's protest against the county?

Teachers say new grievance policy unfair

The Payson Education Association is adamantly opposed to projected revisions of the Payson Unified School District grievance policy.

Tuesday, October 26

Get creative with Halloween costumes


Instead of digging through the flimsy contraptions called costumes at the stores, encourage your children to put on their thinking caps and come up with a costume idea that is their very own. Adults can get in on the act too.

No tricks with these easy-to-make treats


Thinking about Halloween inevitably conjures up images of goblins, ghouls and ghosts who walk the earth for a night of fright.

When Payson goes big league


Enough negativity with all this talk of droughts and water shortages and empty wading pools.

Vogel and Craig helped build the community


The names of Paul Vogel and Bill Craig have largely been skipped over in the writings of the history of Payson, mostly because the two men had no family, so little of their early history is known.

Monday, October 25

Water quality tops agenda

A presentation on lead and copper monitoring in the town's water supply headlines an abbreviated agenda at the regular Thursday meeting of the Payson Town Council.

Defense attorney wants victim's mental health records

Attorneys in the Grant Kuenzli shooting death are posturing for the day the second-degree murder case could go to trial.

McCain warns of tough decisions ahead

"We've got to make some tough decisions," U.S. Senator John McCain told more than 200 Rim country residents at the Natural Resources Town Hall Saturday afternoon.

Joyce Lea Richards

Joyce Lea Richards, 64, of Kohls Ranch, died Oct. 22, 2004, at Hospice House in Payson.

Coaching alums face off in Valley

A pair of former Payson High School football coaches were on opposite sidelines Friday evening when the Queen Creek Bulldogs played host to the Higley Knights.

Ex-Horn coach enters WLSC Hall of Fame

Former Payson High School wrestling coach and teacher Dave LaMotte has been inducted into his alma mater's athletic hall of fame.

Longhorns win first; bring home nine medals

The Longhorn cross country team ran to its first victory of the campaign winning the six-team Queen Creek Invitational.

Cross country teams prepare for regionals

Ex-Mav star held out of Dog invite

Lady Longhorn cross country runners didn't have to battle a former classmate and ex-Rim Country Middle School running sensation Kari Hardt at the Queen Creek Invitational.

Who do the terrorists want?

I have a question for everybody who is going to vote in the presidential election.

Kerry is anti-gun

Most gun owners do not realize how close the Clinton administration came to disarming America. Various proposed legislation included repealing the Second Amendment guaranteeing individual citizens the right to own and bear arms. Clinton proposed exorbitant taxes on guns and ammunition, registration and licensing of all types of firearms, bans on many popular semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, bans on gun shows, and elimination of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Sen. John Kerry voted for all these anti-gun proposals.

Renzi attack ads flimsy

We Democrats are very unhappy that one of Renzi's ads attack the very man who is fighting to lower our prescription drugs by allowing them to come into our country. Paul Babbitt, running to un-seat Rick Renzi, does have modest investments in pharmaceuticals as part of his retirement mutual funds. The total amount is about $5,000 so those investments may have made him a couple hundred dollars last year. Meanwhile, Renzi voted to pass the Republican drug bill that has no price limits on drugs.

Governor Napolitano supports Armer

This is a letter of support from the Governor.

Governor to visit Payson

Gov. Janet Napolitano will be in Payson Sunday morning to meet residents and encourage them to vote.

Crossing closure foes pursue environmental issues

A claim that an old gold mine near Second Crossing could be an environmental hazard during a closure was dismissed by a Forest Service official as "a bit of a stretch" Monday.

Lyle M. Ferguson

Lyle M. Ferguson, 76, died peacefully Oct. 22, 2004 at his home in Payson, surrounded by his loving family. Lyle was born Nov. 30, 1927 in Wickenburg.

Family needs answers

The friends and family of Jim Moreland are deeply disturbed by the information, or lack thereof, being released by Department of Public Safety.

Incumbent sheriff a respected leader

I am pleased to endorse John Armer for Sheriff of Gila County. John is a man of uncommon personal integrity, professional law enforcement experience, knowledge, and ability.

Kerry a hypocrite

So now, Sen. Kerry has an Ohio hunting license and has said he will be back there to hunt. He has also said he "believed in the Second Amendment." What a hypocrite! In a recent West Virginia photo op, he actually posed with a shotgun that would have been banned under Senate Bill 1431, which he co-sponsored.

Reality vs. Doom-and-Gloom

Dave Engleman's letter ("Bush is a Failure," Oct. 15), is plain "doom-and-gloom." Let's check it against reality.

Payson woman writing book on famous murderess


Ask Payson resident Faye Musselman anything at all about Lizzie Borden, and she knows the answer.

Re-elect Konopnicki

There are a lot of issues in Arizona -- some are specific to those of us who live in rural areas. Bill Konopnicki has been supporting and pushing for issues that matter to our community -- education, water, health care. He's a smart man, a reasonable man, and the kind of man who stands up for what we need in District Five.

Statistics cannot be compared

Ernestine Reza, mother of Gila County Democratic Chairman Mark Reza, defying all evidence to the contrary, proclaims that President Bush is "not pro-life" -- as if that would matter to a Democrat (Payson Roundup - 10/15/04).

GCC enrichment programs continue

The following courses are being offered at Gila Community College, 201 Mud Springs Rd. For more information, call (928) 468-8039 or online visit

Kerry a disgrace to military

There is a new book out that topped the New York Times bestseller list: "Unfit for command; Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out against John Kerry." They say that John Kerry is no hero, he is a liar. They also said that all three Purple Hearts Kerry received were mere scratches, and two were self-inflicted. They also challenge the circumstances of his Silver and Bronze Star medals, saying they were based on wildly inflated stories.

No time to quit, coach says

Five consecutive losses have done little to dampen the enthusiasm of Longhorn football coach Jerry Rhoades.

Foster's story moving

Thanks to Max Foster for the moving story (‘It is only a game,' Oct. 19 Roundup) ...

Armer is proven choice

It is my distinct pleasure to endorse the 2004 candidacy of John R. Armer for re-election to the office of sheriff of Gila County. I have admired his reputation as a top-notch law enforcement officer for two decades. In that time, we have become well-acquainted. John is a solid professional and family man of great integrity and virtue.

It's time to choose

Choice point. The elections are hard upon us and this is a time of choice -- not just of who will lead us, but where we want to be led, what kind of country we want to be, what kind of country we want for our children. We face at base a question of the national soul.

Pound has good approach

I have known Kim Pound for several years, having first met him while serving on an American Indian country law enforcement committee. I have found him to be knowledgeable and professional, as well as willing and able to help.

School project builds better relationships with parents

The Parent Resource Center of the Payson Unified School District is in the business of breaking down barriers -- barriers that restrict youngsters from getting the best education they can. One of those barriers is language. It is hard for parents and school leaders and teachers to make the best decisions for education when they cannot communicate.

Safeguarding freedom not just for soldiers

As a child my mother would have occasion to remind me that there are three kinds of people in life: There are leaders, there are followers, and there are free-thinkers. Then, she'd tell me, "You want to be a free-thinker."

RCMS earns second consecutive ‘highly performing' evaluation

Rim Country Middle School teachers and students are celebrating their second successive Arizona Department of Education "highly performing" achievement profile.

A lure is best way to get pet to learn


The Third Annual Pet Fair is over for another year and seems to have been a success. It is wonderful to see all the young people with their dogs having a good time. The adults seem to have enjoyed themselves also.

McCain could be the leader we need

Because natural resources is one of my beats, I drew the assignment to cover the Natural Resources Town Hall featuring Sen. John McCain Saturday afternoon. The event was a thinly disguised effort to rally support for Arizona House Speaker Jake Flake, who, it would appear, is plenty concerned about Cameron Udall's challenge.

Sheriff's office raising funds for Project Lifesaver

The Gila County Sheriff's Office is seeking funding sources for Project Lifesaver, a radio direction-finding system for people with autism or Alzheimer's disease who frequently wander.

Thursday, October 21

Winter camping means lots of elbow room

Camping in the Rim country in the winter means finding lots of elbow room, and an opportunity to experience a certain solitude not possible during crowded summer months.

Could it be winter, snow not far away?


I saw my third tarantula this morning. I do not know anything about the habits of these hairy creatures, and I do not understand why I have seen so many of them in such a short time.

Bush banned barbaric procedure

Regarding Mr. Reza's letter of Oct. 15, "Bush, Cheney not pro-life," we would like to point out that President Bush signed into law the banning of partial birth abortions.

Moving into the celebration season


It is feeling pretty close to winter today as I write this column. Snow is in the air or at least it feels as though it could be. A fire in the woodstove would sure feel wonderful.

Orange abounds around the creek communities


I went out searching for orange lights Tuesday night. The first sign was at Lois Wilson's on Columbine Road. She had several large orange pumpkins lit up and many small ones.

Witness says DPS shooting not justified

Janice Worthington said she cannot understand why a Department of Public Safety Officer shot and killed her boyfriend during a traffic stop on Highway 87 south of Rye on Sept. 25.

Head Start celebrates honor

Mayor Barbara Brewer will help Payson Head Start celebrate October as "National Head Start Month" at an open house at 5 p.m. Oct. 26.

Change name of paper

After seeing your editorial page of Oct. 12, reading the anti-Bush letters to the editor and viewing the uninformed anti-gun cartoon, I have concluded it is time to change the name of your newspaper ...

Fate of Second Crossing out of local hands

The final decision on closing Second Crossing for six weeks has been turned over to Tonto National Forest Supervisor Karl Siderits.

Mogollon Rim a hiker's dream

Payson is one of the greatest places in the world for people of all ages to enjoy year-round hiking.

Cast your eyes on Rim country lakes

Rim country anglers are fortunate enough to have a prime source they can go to for the latest and best fishing advice.

Birders discover migrating species

The changing seasons bring birds of a different feather to Rim country. As the air turns crisp at night and trees don their autumn colors, people start listening for the sounds of ducks and geese. Only when they look skyward and see the V formations of migrating flocks, do they know that winter is not far behind.

Where to find the best fall color

Freelance photographer, Nick Berezenko of Pine, has had many of his award-winning art works published in Arizona Highways magazines.

Activities abound for young and old

From the snowy Mogollon Rim to the mild shores of Roosevelt Lake, the Rim country offers plenty of winter recreation options.

Variety is Rim country's No. 1 spice

Golds, reds and bronzes of turning leaves; clear blue skies; crisp air -- it's all here in the Rim country autumn.

Arizona Rim Country -- Lab-tested, visitor approved

Arizona's Rim country in the fall seems to be the perfect place to daydream. As I write this introduction to the Roundup's annual Fall/Winter Visitors Guide while sitting in my home office, I keep losing my train of thought.

Deputies fear worst, but find feline utopia

What sheriff's deputies feared would be a horrific case of animal cruelty instead was a heartwarming story of two local women who spent their lives rescuing unwanted dogs and cats.

Payson's Western heritage comes alive

The Rim country celebrates its storied past this weekend with Wild West re-enactments, western art, music, cowboy poetry, and an old-fashioned melodrama.

Freeman a man of principle

The citizens of Gila County have a clear choice -- Roger Freeman for constable -- this Nov. 2 at the voting booth.

Shot cutoff point should have been announced

I have just returned home after standing in line at the Banner Health Center, in 50-degree weather, to get what I thought was a flu shot. Instead after only about 100 of the approximately 200 people in line were given shots we were told they were out of vaccine.

Use prayer and minds in vote

On 9/11/01 western civilization was attacked by 19 suicide-murderers under the direction of evil Muslim masterminds. They killed more unsuspecting persons from many nations than were killed in the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Their body parts scattered throughout the World Trade Center buildings, which then collapsed.

The most important election issue

What destroyed the Southwestern economy? Environmental activism pushed out our sawmills, loggers, truckers and rail yards.hat threatens our security?ne hundred years of forest mismanagement has resulted in forest overgrowth, catastrophic wildfires, bark beetle infestations, and depleted water supply.

Research facts before vote

Voters are faced with the daunting task of sifting through slogans, promises, attacks and statistics to discover the facts. Some will opt to vote for the candidate whose slogans sound most comforting; others will dig beneath the surface for the reality. I suggest researching the facts.

Enjoy slower pace of Pine-Strawberry

A great way to learn more about the rich cultural history of Pine and Strawberry is through a video presentation at the community museum.

Tonto Basin the outdoorsman's dream

For those who enjoy mild temperatures, the Roosevelt Lake area has plenty of recreation opportunities during the fall and winter.

260 villages are fall, winter delights

The drive along Highway 260 from Payson to the top of the Mogollon Rim offers visitors some of the Rim country's most scenic vistas, especially when accented by fall colors or coated with a fresh layer of snow.

Perfect time to visit ‘the Bridge'

Ask Cathe Descheemaker what's special about the Tonto Natural Bridge in the fall and winter and she doesn't hesitate -- "the tranquility."

Main Street continues to evolve

In Payson's early days, Main Street was the Rim country's social center. Saloons, hotels, boarding houses, livery stables, a blacksmith shop, and a sawmill lined the dusty thoroughfare.

McCain, Flake in Payson Saturday for forest health, water town hall

U.S. Sen. John McCain will be in Payson for a Natural Resources Town Hall meeting with Arizona House Speaker Jake Flake on Saturday, Oct. 23. The public is invited to attend.

PSWID voters should check eligibility

Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District voters can confirm their eligibility to vote in the Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District by reviewing their current voter registration card.

Parent banned from youth football games

A Payson father has been told he is not welcome at any youth football league games for a profanity-laced death threat he made to a coach.

Heinz Kerry wrong about the respected career of homemaker

The best human beings I have ever known are men and women who have mastered their tongues, and in turn trained their hearts to see others through gentler eyes. They truly recognize the worth of souls.

Kerry feeds hunger for change

In the three presidential debates, America finally saw John Kerry without the media's often partisan filter, and liked what it saw. He is a natural born leader, calm, poised, steady, and in command of the facts. He looks infinitely more presidential than his opponent.

Verify your voting information

As the Gila County Recorder I believe I need to address comments circulating in the northern part of the county.

Kerry has strength, smarts, and honesty

It took me a while to decide who to support for president, but I think it has got to be Kerry.

Pound will serve well

I am a police commander with a law enforcement agency in Colorado.

Armer makes himself available

On Oct. 12, I was a co-sponsor of a coffee hour for Gila County Sheriff John Armer who is running for re-election. I have known John and his lovely wife, Claudia, for quite a few years, but have never talked to him about what goes on in the sheriff's office or his duties.

A ‘beholden' Babbitt is a fallacy

Dan Adams' claim that Paul Babbitt is "beholden to environmentalists" comes up a few stone throws short of the truth.

What's up?

Q: Why doesn't Frontier Elementary School have a crossing guard on duty at Mud Springs Road and Frontier Street?

Furry Friends celebrates 20 years in Payson

Rim country pets and their owners have enjoyed 20 years of service from Furry Friends Kennels of Payson this month.

Payson, region share in $48,000 state grant

Payson is in a partnership to receive a $48,000 grant from the Arizona Department of Commerce.

New Edward Jones office opens in Rim country

Ross Hage is opening a third Edward Jones office to serve Rim country residents.

The race to regionals

Lady Horns locked in four-way battle

The Lady Longhorn volleyball team's best hopes of advancing to the Grand Canyon regional final four Oct. 30 in Chinle might hinge on beating the Coconino Panthers.

AIA gives blessing to Payson's 3A return

The Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Board -- meeting Monday in Phoenix -- approved Payson High School's move from the 4A to the 3A conference.

4A split could alter PHS plans

Although Payson has been granted its appeal to become a 3A school for the next two-year block of scheduling, another alignment option might exist in the Longhorns' future.

Punt, Pass, Kick contest is Tuesday

The NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass and Kick competition is coming to Payson.

Tuesday, October 19

Labs lead all breeds as man's best friend


Until I ran across a magazine called "Just Labs" (subtitle: "A Celebration of the Labrador Retriever") I never realized that Labs "have the capacity to do wondrous things."

Mail service in Rim country's territorial years


To send a letter today, you must have a complete address, plus zip code and a 37-cent stamp. If any part of the address is incorrect, the letter goes back to the sender. Things were quite different in the early days.

Plan a night for family fun


Take a look at the family's schedule. Find a night when everyone's at home and plan some time and fun together with a family game night. Play cards -- that is a favorite with my family, my grandmother taught my sisters and me how to play rummy almost as soon as we knew our numbers -- or bring out the tried and true board games like Monopoly or Clue. The goal is to get back togetherness and have fun.

Meatloaf is a tried and true fall favorite


Meatloaf is a traditional American recipe that is perfect for fall family dinners. There are about as many meatloaf recipes as there are kitchens in America. If you can grind it up and it will hold a loaf shape, it's been made into meatloaf.

Monday, October 18

Community wages war on domestic violence

Domestic violence claimed the lives of more than 60 Arizonans since the beginning of 2004, according to the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Second Crossing gets late reprieve

A last minute reprieve has stopped the scheduled closure of Houston Mesa Road at Second Crossing, at least for the time being. "(Tonto National Forest Supervisor Karl Siderits) called me about 2 p.m. (Friday) and said he made the decision to postpone the start date of the contract until he has a chance to look at it and see if there are any other options," Payson Ranger District Lands and Minerals Staff Officer Rod Byers said Friday afternoon.

Patients at risk for flu complications urged to take precautions

With some states now holding lotteries for flu shots, 82-year-old Maxine Horton was relieved to finally get the vaccine from her Payson doctor. "We got here at 7:30 a.m. and there was a long line," Horton said. "We waited until it thinned out, but I wanted the shot -- I'm getting kind of old."

Convenience store request denied

Although the state liquor board can ignore the decision, the Payson Town Council voted to deny a Series 10 liquor license for a Maverik Country Store proposed for the southeast corner of Forest Drive and Beeline Highway.

'Deadwood Dick': Melodrama evolves as Western art form


When the cast of "Deadwood Dick" takes the stage next Saturday as the grand finale of the Fifth Annual Rim Country Western Heritage Festival, they'll be practicing an art form that actually goes back centuries.

Loving animals wait at shelter for homes


October is still Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month so it seemed appropriate to visit the shelter and introduce a few dogs. It is always an eye opener to see that the dogs behind the fences are so much like the ones we have at home. They are eager for attention and a kind word and always hopeful for -- the best of all possible things -- a walk.

A garden of knowledge now grows at library


A new garden has been planted in the Rim country this month. It's a garden of knowledge, presented to the community by the High Country Xeriscape Council of Arizona. A collection of 16 books, all dealing with low water-use plants and upper-elevation gardening has been donated to the Payson Public Library.

Child safety must be a high priority

I watched a beautiful 3-year-old girl die needlessly Sunday evening near Blythe, Calif.

What's up?

Q: Is there going to be a runoff debate for the candidates for Gila County Sheriff, Superintendent of Schools and District One Supervisor?

Enjoying autumn's abundance


"Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers, we more than gain in fruits." -- Samuel Butler

Payson seniors ride in style with increased hours

Have you noticed the classy new 2004 Ford van transporting senior citizens around Payson? There are large windows, a luxury previously unavailable to people using wheelchairs, which provide panoramic views.

Babbitt beholden to environmentalists

For any voters in Congressional District One who are undecided as to whether to vote for incumbent Rick Renzi, or challenger Paul Babbitt, a few facts may be in order.

Number of illegal voters frightening

I recently have been hearing many comments about Proposition 200 being promoted by racists, and that's simply not true! I am now referring to that portion of the proposition that deals with voter registration. After reading Title 16 of the Arizona Revised Statutes, I realize that absolutely no proof of U.S. citizenship, or of legal Arizona residency, is required to register to vote.

Allen will be an informed leader

Sylvia Allen, candidate for the Arizona State Legislature from District Five, has an understanding of forest issues which far surpasses that of her opponents in the upcoming general election.

We can stop genocide

Following the end of World War II when the full extent of the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed, the mantra of the "civilized world" regarding genocide was "Never Again!"

Pound is the best choice for county

It is probably safe to say, my letter is not going to influence your vote, however, there is one candidate who truly deserves your vote and mine -- Lt. Kim Pound.

Little people can make a difference

Thank goodness for people like Pat Johnson, president of the Whispering Pines Homeowners Association. We folks up here in Whispering Pines and environs were faced with an additional 40 minute one way commute to town for six weeks while the Forest Service improved a crossing across the usually dry river.

Brewer best man for job

I've had the pleasure of knowing Sam Brewer, candidate for constable, for many years. He is a gentleman of the highest caliber. Sam worked for me for two years, managing a lot sales subdivision. He demonstrated his trustworthiness, people skills, organizational abilities, and work ethic.

Our choices are sickening

What I find sickening is the choices from which we are asked to elect -- at most all levels: No way, say I!

Changing parties a good idea

I cannot leave unanswered the letter entitled, "Thinking Democrats should switch parties," by Dave Ricker, although I fully realize that that kind of mentality is virtually unreachable.

Superintendent welcomes input on grievance policy

In a recent letter to the editor, a proposed change in the school district's grievance policy was discussed. Unfortunately, it contained several erroneous statements that I wish to correct.

Maverick gridiron promise marches on

Rim Country Middle School has a long and proud history of turning out exceptional eighth-grade football teams.

Horn skid continues with loss to Marauders

Any hopes the Payson High School Longhorn football team harbored of earning a postseason berth were squashed Friday night in a 35-13 loss to the visiting Mingus Marauders.

Raiders remain undefeated in youth league

The Payson Raiders youth football dynasty continues in the Rim country.

New programs to aid struggling students

Academic help is on the way at Rim Country Middle School and Payson High School for students struggling academically and for those who have been suspended from regular classes.

Lola M. Dunaway

Lola M. Dunaway, 83, of Tempe and Payson, died Friday, Oct. 15, 2004.

Eva Afton Potts

Eva Afton Potts, 85, died Saturday, Oct. 16, 2004 in Lakeside, Ariz.

John Richard Womack

John Richard Womack, 95, of Payson, died Oct. 15, 2004.

Bittner is a proven leader

It's that time of year again when citizens are encouraged to promote people who they feel are the best candidates for their particular positions.

It is only a game

A painful reminder of just how insignificant the game is in the grand scheme of life unfolded Sunday afternoon on a lonesome stretch of Interstate 10 midway between Indio and Blythe, Calif.

Second time's a charm: Flag football takes off

Payson Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind has remained adamant that Rim country youth sports offerings should include a coed flag football league.

Sunday, October 17

Councilor clarifies town's Event Center commitment

Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter and Councilor Robert Henley both want to emphasize that the council decision on the development of the Payson Event Center at Thursday's meeting was preliminary and does not involve any commitment of monies on the part of the town.

Thursday, October 14

Pirch, Randall suffer heartbreak on Roosevelt

Rim country anglers Clifford Pirch and Reese Randall might have been crooning the Elvis classic "Heartbreak Hotel" during the weigh in at the AllStar Bass Team Tournament Oct. 11 at Roosevelt Lake.

Get fit by attending new program


We are all discovering new ways or remembering old family favorite recipes to use apples these days. My own favorite way is to pick them, with permission naturally, and eat them as I take my morning walk. They are so delicious.

Smoke gets in your eyes ...


The Forest Service is conducting a prescribed burn from Diamond Point to the south side of Thompson Draw II for the next two weeks.

Celebrate the harvest at Creek's Oktoberfest


The Christopher Creek Oktoberfest is Saturday, Oct. 16 and Sunday, Oct. 17. Come out and buy something from the crafters.

Terror alert issued to school bus drivers

Department of Public Safety authorities have put school bus drivers from around the state on a heightened state of alert regarding the possibility of terrorist activity, including those in Payson, Pine and Tonto Basin.

Smoky sky due to ongoing forest maintenance

The smoke visible north of Payson in recent days is the result of a prescribed burn by the Coconino National Forest near Highways 260 and 87, several prescribed burns by the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, and a four-acre fire east of Tonto Creek caused by a tree hitting a power line.

Police bust alleged car thief, burglar

Payson Police caught up with a 21-year-old man who allegedly stole a truck from the Star Valley Circle K early Thursday morning.

Cruz Estrella

Cruz Estrella, 38, of Payson, died Oct. 11, 2004.

Longtime Arizona auto dealer stakes claim in Rim country

The Coury family has been selling cars in Arizona since the 1950s -- and now it has moved into the Rim country. Tony Coury has a dealership operating at two locations in the Phoenix area, his brother, Steve, has been in the Verde Valley for years and also has a dealership in Prescott.

Allen cares about our issues

I want to encourage the voters of our area to vote for Sylvia Allen for Arizona House of Representatives.

What's up?

Q: Is is against the law for a business to operate in town without a business license?

Site feedback

Re: Roundup online -- Like Justin Hollobaugh, I too would like to thank you for the ability to see the Roundup online and to congratulate Thomas Schuknecht ...

Walter Reed DeVaney

Walter Reed DeVaney, 57, was born March 5, 1947 in Mesa, he died Oct. 7, 2004 in Tempe.

Council OKs event center resort and roof project

Rim country residents and visitors alike will soon be able to enjoy rodeos in the cool comfort of shade.

The Rim country take on the presidential debate

Local representatives of the Gila County Democratic Party and the Gila County Republican Committee share their views on how the presidential candidates performed in Wednesday night's debate.

Meyocks, Castleman win local tournaments

The Payson Men's and Women's Golf Associations recently hosted the two organizations' most prestigious tournaments of the summer and fall season.

New bleachers up, maybe ready

Football fans might be allowed to view the Friday night game from the newly installed bleachers on the north side of Payson High School field.

Sun Devils' fans make trek to LA

Word out of Tempe is the Arizona State University campus is buzzing with activity.

County seeks grant for flood warning system

Gila County has entered the competition for a $99,500 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce. If the county is successful, the money will be matched with $9,792 in local funds and be used to purchase an Automated Flood Warning System.

Rabid fox found in Tonto Basin mobile home park

A fox was killed in the Tonto Basin area Oct. 9, and has been confirmed by the Arizona State Lab to have rabies.

Young people are making Nov. 2 count

As Election Day presses ever nearer, the Roundup would like to encourage Payson's young voters to step up to the plate and swing for the future. There is an exciting movement in America in which more and more young people are hearing the call to take part in the democratic process of this free nation. Krystle Wagner, a 2004 Payson High School graduate who was selected to attend the presidential debate in Tempe Wednesday, provided the following guest commentary:

Renzi gets reprieve to keep Second Crossing open

A last minute reprieve has stopped the scheduled closure of Houston Mesa Road at Second Crossing, at least for now. "(Tonto National Forest Supervisor Karl Siderits) called me about 2:00 and said he made the decision to postpone the start date of the contract until he has a chance to look at it and see if there are any other options," said Payson Ranger District official Rod Byers.

Exercise independence as voter

I am a registered Independent; one of those sought-after "undecided" voters. I've never voted any one party (even the Independent or third party). As much as possible, I've tried to inform myself of the issues and those who represent them.

Bush, Cheney not pro-life

So, now my thought for the day: In Matthew, Chapter 7, Jesus says, "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."

Bush is a failure

Political party members amaze me. No matter how bad their candidate is, they still support and vote for that individual. I guess it is called "tunnel vision."

Our actions are a positive force

Regarding Mr. Reza's latest diatribe of Oct. 1 "America on the Abyss." Being one of the "poorly informed individuals Reza speaks of, I feel forced to write and state my thoughts.

Military supports Bush

I am not asking anyone to change their vote. Some are adamant, they are set and no explanation or persuasion will change their vote, however to the few: the journey of America for the past has been tested, our strength and resolve to stop aggression not on our land, but at their doorstep, is far better than seeing bombs blowing up our home and cities.

President's father validates Kerry

Sunday Oct. 10's Doonesbury comic strip quotes the first President Bush supposedly talking to his son, the present president. In the first Bush's book, A World Transformed, written in 1998, he explains why he didn't try to occupy Iraq in 1991:

Truth is supreme

I have been following the responses to Don Castleman' s letters this past month. I don't know how you can tell it any better then he did.

Kerry has vision for better America

Bush has dropped the ball on terrorism, the war in Iraq, the economy and the environment.

Thinking Democrats should switch parties

It seems to be an American trait that one votes as his parents and grandparents voted.owhere is this truer than in Arizona.n the old days both the Democrat and Republican parties were relatively conservative.either party was attempting to erode our nation's Constitution and fundamental philosophies.ut that has changed

Pound will be an outstanding sheriff

It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of Lieutenant Kim Pound's candidacy for Gila County Sheriff.

Sheriff must be more than a good cop

When considering who to elect to be Gila County Sheriff, it may help to understand the requirements of the position.

Should there be a tougher standard?

Back around the turn of the century, our forefathers wrote our State Constitution. Some 90 years later, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court decided to interpret the Constitution as not allowing anyone other than an attorney (lawyer) to serve as a pro-tem (temporary) Justice of the Peace.

An apology for inconvenience

I would like to publicly apologize for the inconvenience I caused to innocent people by my closure of South Road Wednesday.

Public input needed

The town of Payson is in the process of a public transit system study for Payson, under the direction of a consultant, Lima & Associates.

No comparison

Mr. Trimble, I suggest you visit the site where Grant took his last dying breath.

Weed group wants to apply pressure, change policy

The Tonto Weed Management group has money to attack noxious weeds invading the Rim country, but its members have been restricted to only mapping the locations of the weeds.

Roger Coleman Metli

Roger Coleman Metli, 72, of Maricopa, died Oct. 4, 2004 in Casa Grande.

Lois Mills

Lois Mills, 92, of Payson, died Oct. 13, 2004.

PHS shift to 3A East on AIA agenda

The Longhorns' once ferocious rivalry with the Beasts of the East -- Blue Ridge, Snowflake and Show Low --could be renewed next school year.

Apfel called upon to engineer offense

A new signal caller will be pulling the trigger when the Longhorns play host Friday to the Mingus Marauders. Kick off is 7 p.m. in Longhorn stadium.

Tuesday, October 12

7 Wonders of the Rim country


Everybody has heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, but most people can't name more than one or two.

Five generations of Hales in Gisela


In last week's column, I started the story of my maternal grandfather, Robert Duke Hale, known as "Duke" Hale. His father, John J. Hale, and his mother, Rebecca Ann Thomas, moved their family from Grayson County, Va. to San Angelo, Texas, in 1870.

Rim Country Western Heritage Festival celebrates Payson's past


Rim country residents and visitors alike are invited to step back into the area's storied past at the Fifth Annual Rim Country Western Heritage Festival, Saturday, Oct. 23, in and around the Rim Country Museum and Green Valley Park.

Monday, October 11

Charles LeRoy Longenbaugh

Charles LeRoy Longenbaugh, 70, of Payson, died Oct. 10, 2004 in Payson.

Coach pleads for commitment, courage

The pep talk wasn't much different than you'd hear at halftime in the locker room of a high school or college football team. It centered on intensity, loyalty to your teammates, the will to win and perseverance.

Loss to Marauders dampens playoff hopes

Calling the Lady Longhorn volleyball team's performance in a 2-1 loss to Mingus Oct. 7, "disappointing and lackluster," coach Arnold Stonebrink will try to rally his players for four final regular season matches.

Fumbles squash Horns' hopes for win

The Coconino Panthers recovered four Payson fumbles and rallied for 21 third-quarter points to upset the Payson Longhorns 28-17.

Eleanor Eilleen Julian

Eleanor Eilleen Julian, 86, of Pine, died Oct. 9, 2004 in Payson.

Private Christian schools can benefit from tax credit project

Payson Community Christian School principal Teresa Purtee wants parents and taxpayers to know the Credit for Kids tax program applies to private Christian schools, like PCCS, as well as public ones.

Scholarships available to help with Christian school tuition

Financial help is on the way for parents searching for alternatives to offset the costs of sending their children to Payson Community Christian School.

Vote for the lesser known evil

Arizona spends $5,319 to educate each and every student.

Totalization treaty

The president recently signed this treaty with Mexico and unless you and I can persuade Congress to stop it, millions of Mexicans, including illegals, will soon be living it up on your Social Security benefits.

Community involvement needed to save teachers' jobs

I attended my first school board meeting Sept. 28. The special meeting was called for a first reading of policy revisions as they pertained to the frivolity of staff grievances. If something is frivolous, it is defined as silly, unworthy of serious attention.

Questions about President Bush

Puzzling questions re: President Bush

Clarifying qualifications

As a candidate for Gila County School Superintendent, I often remark that I have never worked so hard to get a new job.ithout question, this would be the longest and most difficult interview process I have ever endured.

Thanks to TCCA; school district challenged to place higher value on performing arts

To the board members and supporters of the Tonto Community Concert Association: Thank you for bringing musical culture and class to Payson and making it available to our young people.

What's up?

Q: When the issue of bringing water from the Blue Ridge Reservoir to Payson was discussed in the past, there was talk of building a 14-mile pipeline in the right of way. Where is the right of way for this pipeline.

Settlement results in musical windfall for Arizona libraries

Payson and Pine public libraries have received a musical windfall in the form of dozens of free compact discs.

Mesa woman dies in car-motorcycle accident

A Mesa woman was killed Sunday afternoon when a car struck the motorcycle she was driving on Highway 87 at Houston Mesa Road.

2 horses found with West Nile in county

Two Gila County horses have tested positive for the West Nile Virus. These are the first cases of the virus to be found in horses in the county, according to a release from the Gila County Division of Health and Community Services.

New approach to nutrition results in 100-pound loss


Dee McCaffrey developed a program 12 years ago that helped her lose 100 pounds in a year. She has kept the weight off. A new approach to nutrition was at the cornerstone of her weight-loss success. "When I first changed my diet, I eliminated all forms of flour and sugar, including whole wheat flour," McCaffrey said. "I missed the experience of eating baked goods, but I discovered that most of the whole grain muffins available contained whole wheat flour and/or cane juice sweeteners.

House candidate gets push from GOP leaders

Sylvia Tenney Allen, a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives from District Five, recently received a boost from a Republican leadership group. More than 20 members of the Arizona Republican Assembly visited Payson to campaign for the Heber-Overgaard resident, and for Linda O'Dell of Pine, who is running for the office of Superintendent of Gila County Schools.

Enjoy the silly side of pets

It's time to enjoy the silly side of your pets during the third annual Dog Day in the Park Oct. 16.

The catastrophe of pet overpopulation


An incredible film documentary aired on public television the other night. Unfortunately, it was shown at 10:30 p.m. so many people missed it. The title was "Best Friends Forgotten," and it explored the severe problem of pet overpopulation in this country.

Nobody messed with this teacher


Patty Urch is not a woman to be taken lightly.

Lattes and 'Friday Night Lights'

If someone had of told me 18 years ago that late on a Friday evening, I'd be sitting in a chic, upscale bookstore sipping yuppie-like lattes with Mark Velasco, I'd have said that person needs to be in a straitjacket, locked in a padded cell.

Site feedback

Re: Nick Berezenko -- Nick Berezenko has a very good point. I'm surprised Gila County has not advised the residents of Pine No. 1 where they stand in regards to their liability of the roads ...

Nonverbal Aspects of First Presidential Debate

Body movement and posture, facial expressions, eye behavior, space, voice, grammar and language, objects and wardrobe, grooming, and many other elements tell us more in split seconds than what people may say in a much longer span of time.

Supervisor candidate was subject of DPS investigation

Bill Fogle, Republican candidate for Gila County Supervisor in District Three, was the subject of an internal investigation while he was a district commander for the Department of Public Safety in 1997. After the three-month investigation, Fogle was given the option to retire or face termination. Fogle retired but denied any wrongdoing.

Main Street merchants win state accolades

Payson's Main Street program generated three first place winners Friday at the Governor's Rural Development Conference in Lake Havasu City, second only to Sedona's four awards.

Coach gives Mustangs favorite's role

Longhorn golf coach Bret Morse has said that Flagstaff Sinagua is the odds-on favorite to win the Grand Canyon region championship Oct. 22 and 25.

Andersons celebrate 50 years

Harley "Andy" and Thelma Anderson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Oct. 9, 2004.

Nelson, Johnson to wed

Lars Nelson and Shelly Johnson will be getting married October 16, 2004 at Mountain Bible Church.

Ellie Ashlynn Suess

Keely and Ryan Suess of Goodyear, Ariz. are proud to announce the birth of their second daughter, Ellie Ashlynn, born Oct. 3, 2004.

Thursday, October 7

Letters to Iraq appreciated

I, too, am a soldier based in Baghdad, Iraq, and from the Northwest, a long way from Payson. I would like to thank, however, the students, teachers and citizens of your town who have supported my fellow soldiers and myself in our mission here in Iraq.

Flu shot shortage hits Rim country

Laboratory contamination across the Atlantic will mean a flu shot shortage in Payson, according to local vaccine providers and Payson Regional Medical Center.

‘Heck no, you won't go,' protester tells drivers

A scene remarkably reminiscent of a 1960s war protest unfolded Wednesday morning in the tiny mountain hamlet of Pine.

‘Father Jack' back for banquet

Father Jack Wilson, a popular figure when he lived in Payson, is returning to attend the Zane Grey Cabin Foundation fund-raising banquet Saturday, Oct. 23, at Mazatzal Casino.

Rocking away the retirement years

George and Vicki O'Brien never planned on rocking away their retirement years, but that is exactly what they're doing.

Tell us about our soldiers and why they serve

As I watch the news and read the headlines about continued fighting in Iraq, it saddens me that we sometimes let stories about the Powerball jackpot or Martha Stewart upstage the important mission our men and women in the military are trying to accomplish.

Quantity, quality of teachers should be priority

I would like to report important details regarding Julia Randall Elementary that were not included in Max Foster's two articles. First, I do acknowledge the school board believes the issue is to be handled "on site."

Armer is the right choice for sheriff

A message to Gila County voters: Peer recognition is the highest form of praise, and John Armer serves as elected president of the Arizona Sheriff's Association. As our state leader, Sheriff Armer has effectively demonstrated his ability to lead our efforts to provide a safe and secure home front. He is a team player who respects diverse opinions and diversity.

Kerry does not deserve your vote

Presidential candidate, John Kerry, says, "woulda, coulda, shoulda," it's easy to be a "Monday morning quarterback."

Pound endorsed by former mayor

As a former council member and mayor of Payson, I believe the citizens of Gila County deserve a sheriff with strong leadership skills and who has proven abilities, training and experience to make the Gila County Sheriff's Department one of the finest law enforcement agencies in Arizona.

Armer is perfect man for job

It's time to speak out to the citizens of Gila County.

Jack Tuer

Shane, Taylor and Skyler Tuer are pleased to announce the arrival of their new baby brother, Jack.

Community cleanup a success


Saturday was Hunter Creek's cleanup day and about 20 residents came out bright and early to participate. John Spencer, Kyle Bardet, Jim Bayless, Jeff Carlson and Tony Atchinson pulled a large tree out of the creek.

What's up?

Q: I was told Roundup weed killer is used at Green Valley Park. Isn't this a hazard to the people who use the park?

Nancy Gerboth

Nancy Owsley Gerboth, 63, of Tonto Basin, died Oct. 3, 2004 in Payson.

Main Street Mercantile puts emphasis on fun

Two things immediately stand out when you visit Main Street Mercantile, the newest addition to the growing collection of unique stores on Payson's historic main drag.

Fargo's Steakhouse in new hands

New faces are greeting guests at Fargo's Steakhouse. Rick Stockman is the restaurant's new owner and he has brought in new managers and chefs to make the dining experience at Fargo's something special.

Music, books make autumn golden


It is hard to believe it is October and before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. How can time possibly pass so quickly? I am way overdue on my New Year's resolutions and getting more behind by the day. Oh well -- there is always 2005.

Reward offered for burglary information

Payson police want assistance from the public to find who burglarized the Sunstate Equipment Company last Thursday night or Friday morning. A $500 reward is being offered through the department's Silent Witness program.

Cotton pickin' time in Yuma


My column is being written in Yuma, Ariz. this week. My husband and I are visiting our children and grandchildren for a few days.

Study group presents issues with even hand

I recently participated in an unusual, and beneficial, study group "Fire in the Sky: A Perspective on the Willow Fire." The study was sponsored by, and underwritten by, the Arizona Foundation for Resource Education (AFRE), and presented by Gil Alvidrez and Marg Graf, assisted by Gary Roberts from the Payson Ranger District.

Rim anglers set for year's last hurrah

The annual Woods Canyon Lake Trout Tournament, which was last held May 1, has marked the unofficial beginning of the summer trout season on the Rim Lakes for more than two decades.

Site feedback

Re: Roundup online -- I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading the Roundup online out here in Camp Lejeune, NC ...

Canadian Bikin'

Cyclist pedals wide-eyed through Arizona

The sheer beauty of Northern Arizona turned Kevin Barnes' grueling 95-mile bicycle ride from Flagstaff to Payson into precious memories he can't wait to share with his friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Longhorn hooks up with Mesa club

Payson High School junior Patrick Karlowski is taking his soccer aspirations to a new level.

Young rider is high-point winner in Fall Stampede

Five Rim country equestrians rode their way to all-around age group titles in the town's inaugural Fall Stampede.

Blanche Hand

Blanche Ella Spencer Hand, 94, died Oct. 6, 2004 in Tempe.

Trivia Answers Section: Oct. 8 Payson Roundup print edition

Where are these children standing in this 1937 photograph? Test your knowledge of local trivia with this special section inside the Oct. 5 and Oct 8 print editions of your Payson Roundup newspaper.

Deadline for 7th, 8th basketball is Oct. 13

With local schools in a two-week fall recess, town of Payson recreation specialist Charlene Hunt suspects parents are unaware that Wednesday, Oct. 13 is the deadline to register for the seventh- and eighth-grade basketball leagues. Youngsters risk not being placed on a team if they do not register by the deadline.

Lady Horns break even in Page

A split of a doubleheader with the homestanding Page Sand Devils dropped the Lady Longhorn volleyball team's Grand Canyon region record to 3-3.

Voter apathy sickening

Gila County democracy. As I reviewed the voter turnout during the primary election in each precinct in Gila County, I was sickened. Voter turnout in some precincts was less than 30 percent.

Tuesday, October 5

TCCA offers chamber music for October


The magic of chamber music is the feature of the Tonto Community Concert Association's second performance of the 2004-2005 season.

The story of Robert Duke Hale


This story is about my maternal grandfather, Robert Duke Hale, known as "Duke."

Color us frumpy


You had to be there, but let me try to paint the scene as best I can. As a scraggly mutt wanders by, a frumpy woman wearing a styleless blue house dress stands in front of what appears to be a fenced-in pile of junk with a makeshift canopy over it. Off to the right, partly obscured by the junk, is an old red pickup with a rusted roof. The backdrop is a barren, near-lifeless landscape.

Fall is a great time for simmering soups


When the air turns chilly, come home to a simmering soup. It's one of the best kinds of edible therapy for you and your family. Give that soup a satisfyingly rich flavor and creamy texture when you use a "secret" ingredient as close as your pantry.

Monday, October 4

Volunteers are a priority at Senior Circle


Pasta, pizza, pretzel, pickled pepper, popcorn popping -- say that fast three times in a row. Those are all things that are observed as special days during the month of October. Hm-m-m, wonder if cooler weather and heartier appetites have anything to do with that?

Looking for a few good (Ford) men


Bill Michaelis, Bob Dieryck and friends are looking for a few good men -- a few good Ford men, that is.

Ex-educator still loves teaching


In the Rim country, residents need not look any further than their front yards to see them in abundance.

Mav triumph rivals Miracle on Ice

Rim Country Middle School seventh-grade football coach Jimmy Oestmann's postgame quip "we stepped it up" might be an understatement in light of the rally his underdog team staged.

Barbara Jean Shatto

Barbara Jean Shatto, 62, of Payson, died Sept. 26, 2004.

‘No Child Left Behind' needs to be updated

More than two years ago, Congress passed, with bipartisan support, the No Child Left Behind Act creating a sweeping overhaul of the federal government's education policy.

What's up?

Q: Are there any plans to improve the playground at Rumsey Park by the ballfields?

Jury asks for tougher sentence of drug dealer

A Gila County jury announced last week that convicted local drug dealer, Anthony Deck, should receive an aggravated sentence -- meaning a judge should give Deck a harsher sentence than normal for his crimes.

Health Fair offers free or low-cost services

The sixth annual Community Health Fair is approaching which gives local residents access to free or low-cost vaccinations, tests and screenings.

Collision near Christopher Creek claims life of Valley man

A Phoenix man was killed and three others injured after a head-on collision on Highway 260 near Christopher Creek Friday afternoon.

A shelter dog is waiting for a home


October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month. It is a great time to bring a new pet into your household, providing you have done your homework and are committed to making the new dog part of your family.

Abortion, breast cancer link ignored

Once again good people are spending their time and money to fight breast cancer (Sept. 28 Roundup). And once again the preponderance of clinical evidence linking abortion to breast cancer is not being reported.

Red tape snags Door Stop noise fix

The compromise between The Door Stop and Citizens Against Noise and Industrial Travesties (CANIT) to reduce noise levels at the cabinet door company's manufacturing facility has been put on hold by government bureaucracy.

California towns becoming wetlands

We recently moved temporarily from semi-arid Payson to the naturally arid region of Santa Clarita/Valencia, Calif. -- a booming town of 150,000 to 200,000 well-choked with traffic, lying northwest of Los Angeles.

Dicks renew their vows

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dicks of 700 W. Alta Vista, #121, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501, formerly of Payson, will observe their 50th wedding anniversary Saturday, Oct. 16, 2004ith renewal of their vows and a reception following at the Church of the Brethren, Ottumwa, Iowa.

Pontious leads Horns to Fountain Hills

Payson High School sophomore Carlan Pontious, a transfer student from Wisconsin, says he's now getting accustomed to running cross country in the near mile-high Rim country elevation.

Gymkhana's season comes to an end

The dust has settled, the season's curtain has fallen and the champions of the Mogollon Montoneras Gymkhanas have been crowned.

Democrats, Republicans sound off on debate

Last Thursday night, Sept. 30, Payson Democrats gathered at their headquarters at 418 S. Beeline Highway to watch the first of three televised presidential debates.

Michaels was a joy to work with

Just as everyone is going to miss Suzanne Michaels's cheerful voice in the morning on KMOG, we are going to especially miss her presence at the station.

Police seek information on burglary

Payson police are looking for help from the public to find who burglarized the Sunstate Equipment Company Thursday night or Friday morning.

School board, administrators have been very responsive

After reading the article Max Foster wrote concerning the fourth grade at Julia Randall Elementary School, I decided to write in to clarify some of the information or lack thereof.

Kerry supporters 'look beyond political sound bites'

In Don Castleman's latest recitation of right-wing Internet propaganda, he asks what type of people would vote for John Kerry. Judging from the responses to the Roundup, they are well-read, intelligent, articulate people who look beyond political sound bites.

Could you do better than Bush?

Recently there have been people who love to bash President Bush. And, they could do a better job -- or so they think? What they forget is President Bush has those Democrats in Washington who he has to deal with.

Pound will return pride to department

I personally know Kim Pound, and know what he stands for.

Understanding assault weapons

I am amazed that the "anti-gun" people are totally bereft of logic and understanding about guns and absolutely refuse to listen to an explanation.

Prescribed burn will impact Beeline travel

A 3,000-acre prescribed burn near Sunflower will impact travel on Highway 87 this week.

7th-grade Mavs still undefeated

Rim Country Middle School seventh-grade football coaches Jon Gunzel, Jimmy Oestmann and Pat Stone are doing a remarkable job keeping the team together, playing well and winning.

Credit for Kids essential to Rim schools

Payson schools are able to host a large number of extracurricular activities and academic assistance programs thanks to Credit For Kids tax donations.

Pinnacle's late charge batters, bruises Horns

A 35-21 loss to state seventh-ranked Pinnacle (5-0) could be attributed to the Longhorn football team's lack of depth.

Election challenge dismissed

A court challenge to the primary election results in Gila County's District One supervisor race is being dismissed.

Special Olympians set for fall contest

The Rim country will be represented by 15 athletes at the 2004 Special Olympic Arizona Fall Championships Oct. 8 and 9 in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Sun City.