Could You Do Better Than Bush?



Recently there have been people who love to bash President Bush. And, they could do a better job -- or so they think? What they forget is President Bush has those Democrats in Washington who he has to deal with.

A vote for Kerry is a vote for abortion and homosexual marriage. That's not God's plan or the Christian way.

Bush is for life of the innocent and helpless who are in the womb.

God forms the life in the womb and He created Adam and Eve, not Bob and Burt. Buy a Bible and read the truth.

Have those who like Kerry and his abortion and homosexual marriage agenda ever had an abortion? Do they realize that if their mother had gotten an abortion they wouldn't be here? Have they ever interfaced with a woman who has had an abortion and experienced first-hand the trauma that lasts a lifetime? Have they ever considered the cruel and inhuman pain the unborn suffer through an abortion? Those bashers in their ignorance don't have a clue.

In favor of homosexual marriage? Makes me wonder.

People who don't know much about politics, or comprehend the depth of what really goes on, need to learn to zip it.

Lara Megan O'Neil, Payson

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