School Board, Administrators Have Been Very Responsive



After reading the article Max Foster wrote concerning the fourth grade at Julia Randall Elementary School, I decided to write in to clarify some of the information or lack thereof.

Yes, the board did state that the problem was a site problem and therefore should be handled by the current principal. What the article didn't state was that this was a problem well before Peggy Miles was hired.

The fourth-grade class has consistently had the same student count since they started kindergarten. Every year, the students have been fortunate enough to have an adequate amount of teachers, or one was hired shortly after the year started. So the classroom assignments for teachers by the previous principal should have been allocated more efficiently.

Unfortunately, to move any teachers around right now would affect other students in a negative way. Fortunately, we do have an aide who is helping out in the fourth-grade classroom as well as numerous parents. And most importantly we have awesome teachers.

I also am happy to see that the school board is leaving each campus to be handled by the principal in charge versus micromanaging the campuses. I believe that this is conducive to a better working environment.

During all of this process, I have learned a lot. For the staff, administration and board to be effective, they need more support from us. Unless we, the parents, submit our ideas and opinions to the school and the board, they do not know the problems that many of you have expressed in the last few months. I strongly encourage you to attend as many school board meetings as possible. They are actually very informative.

Both Mrs. Jackson and myself have been well received at these meetings. I have had every question I asked answered. I can't say that I agreed with every answer, but they were answered, nonetheless. Mrs. Miles is an absolute asset to Julia Randall Elementary School. She has taken the time to meet with us, answer our questions openly and honestly. When she did not know the answer or asked for time to research what we were asking, she did so expediently.

I want to reiterate that I believe the best solution is a fourth-grade teacher, but understand why we cannot have one.

Marlene Armstrong, Payson

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