Tell Us About Our Soldiers And Why They Serve


As I watch the news and read the headlines about continued fighting in Iraq, it saddens me that we sometimes let stories about the Powerball jackpot or Martha Stewart upstage the important mission our men and women in the military are trying to accomplish.

All politics aside, I hope we will pause to remember that our soldiers have taken an oath to protect the United States from all threats and to obey the orders of their commander in chief -- the president of the United States.

Most veterans will tell you that this oath, or promise, to protect our freedoms, homes and lives, is not taken lightly.

Every day, soldiers stationed around the world are honorably serving in the United States armed forces to keep that promise. They are quietly doing their duty to serve our country in the mission they are assigned. They are stationed on ships out in the vast oceans. They serve in missile fields located in isolated parts of the country. They stand guard at gates and entrances, checkpoints and national landmarks.

Oftentimes their duties are not glamorous. They may work in the commissary, cook in the mess hall, clean barracks, or process unbelievable volumes of laundry. But all they do contributes to the mission and all are important.

It hurts me to see the manner in which some politicians or entertainers use cruel, demeaning words about the mission of our soldiers or our president. I hold fast to the rights of free speech and allowing public criticism of government leaders, but the mean-spirited statements are unnecessary and un-American.

The Roundup would like to continue to support the many young men and women, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters of Rim country who are serving as soldiers no matter where they are. We will not forget the oath they have taken and we respect their decision to honor that oath -- especially in places of danger and death.

We invite our readers to submit photos and information about local soldiers. We will print them for our community, and post them for the many local soldiers who are reading their hometown newspaper online from all corners of the globe.

I am confident they will enjoy hearing about the classmates and friends who also chose to serve our country.

Bring photos to the Roundup office in the Swiss Village, or send to: P.O. Box 2520, Payson, AZ 85547 or

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