Voter Apathy Sickening



Gila County democracy.

As I reviewed the voter turnout during the primary election in each precinct in Gila County, I was sickened. Voter turnout in some precincts was less than 30 percent.

Party designation appears to be fading. More and more voters are registering as Independents. Now both parties are courting these voters.

Why register as a Democrat or Republican if you don't vote?

People complain about taxes, schools, drugs, sex offenders in their neighborhoods and a host of other problems. Then, they use the following excuses for not voting: "My vote doesn't count; I don't like either candidate; they're all crooked" -- and many other opinions. However, someone is going to win and represent you.

Some voters who claim residency in Gila County must care who wins as the Gila County elections department will be sending ballots to voters in Guam, Czech Republic, Japan, France, Italy, states such as California, Colorado, Washington, Kansas, Missouri, Maryland and Arkansas. If these voters care about who is elected, shouldn't you? Or are you satisfied to let others vote for you?

Jim White, Payson

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