Clarifying Qualifications



As a candidate for Gila County School Superintendent, I often remark that I have never worked so hard to get a new job.ithout question, this would be the longest and most difficult interview process I have ever endured.

I have learned a lot in this first venture into the political thing I have learned is to be very careful about the things I do and say, so as to clearly convey to voters who I am and what I believe.

My campaign for the position of Gila County School Superintendent is based on two premises: 1) my background and qualifications, and 2) issues related to public schools in Gila County.ndeed, I believe that my educational background and professional experiences are strong indicators that I can be a great county school superintendent.

A question has been raised that compels me to explain why I have diplomas from three different universities, and why the last name on them is not "O'Dell." attended Arizona State University, where I obtained my bachelor's degree in elementary education.y former husband and I moved to Nogales for several years, and I commuted to the University of Arizona, and earned a master's degree in reading.ome years later, I began taking classes from Northern Arizona University for certification as a school administrator.ltimately, I earned a doctorate in education administration.he three diplomas are inscribed with the name Linda Lee Fuller.

Most people with whom I worked during my 30-year career know me as Linda Fuller.
After I married Ken O'Dell nine years ago, I used a hyphenated name (Fuller-O'Dell) until I quit my position with the Maricopa County School Superintendent's Office in 2000.

Ken and I moved to our home in Pine to become full-time residents of Gila County at that time.f elected as county school superintendent, Ken and I will establish an additional residence in the Globe area to ensure services and support for schools and communities throughout the county.o, what might seem mysterious isn't really a mystery after all. am Linda O'Dell, a resident of Northern Gila County and a candidate for Gila County School Superintendent.or additional information, visit my website at or call me at (928) 476-5286.

Linda O'Dell, Pine

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