New Approach To Nutrition Results In 100-Pound Loss



Dee McCaffrey developed a program 12 years ago that helped her lose 100 pounds in a year. She has kept the weight off.

A new approach to nutrition was at the cornerstone of her weight-loss success.

"When I first changed my diet, I eliminated all forms of flour and sugar, including whole wheat flour," McCaffrey said. "I missed the experience of eating baked goods, but I discovered that most of the whole grain muffins available contained whole wheat flour and/or cane juice sweeteners.

"Out of frustration of not being able to find a flourless muffin free of refined sugars, I developed a recipe for myself of an oat bran muffin that contained only oat bran, no flour and no refined sugar."

Now McCaffrey is marketing those muffins, which she calls "Dee's Mighty Muffins." She will be visiting the Payson Bashas' store from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3 on a free samples tour. She will be talking about the muffins, nutrition in general, and will welcome questions.

She calls her plan the "Holistic Living Weight Loss program."


Using her knowledge of organic chemistry, Dee McCaffrey has developed a weight loss program that helped her lose half of her body weight -- 100 pounds -- in a year's time, 12 years ago.

"Holistic Living Weight Loss is a program that views weight loss as a healing process and blends nutrition with the importance of a person's well-being," she said. "Rather than focusing only on the physical aspects of weight loss -- diet and exercise -- my program takes a holistic approach, addressing the whole individual by recognizing the need to address and heal a person's emotional life."

McCaffrey is a certified diet counselor with a background in organic chemistry. She said her program is a way to let go of the "diet" mentality and change an individual's ideas and attitudes about food by providing:

  • Knowledge to understand the proper nutrition necessary to lose weight;
  • Tools to manage and release emotional attachments to food;
  • Tools to increase self-worth and create a lifestyle for permanent weight loss; and
  • Release from emotional attachments to food and weight.

"It all starts with a willingness to do something different," she said. "Whether you have struggled for years, or this is your first endeavor to lose weight, this holistic approach offers you the guidance, tools and disciplines to feed and support your entire being."

As part of her visit to Payson, McCaffrey will be taking afternoon appointments from people interested in learning more specific information about her Holistic Living Weight Loss program.

She said part of the program is learning about holistic nutrition:

  • replacing denatured foods with a variety of naturally low fat whole foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, unrefined whole grains, and high-quality protein sources, as well as flavorful herbs and spices;
  • learning about how your body operates and what makes for optimal nutrition, plus the effect food has on your body

"Holistic nutrition, put simply, is about taking responsibility for what goes into your body. There is only one small part of the world you may control -- your own body," McCaffrey said.

She points out weight loss is a process, something that cannot happen overnight.

The process she uses with her clients involves weekly consultations, either in person, online or over the phone. The first consultation will determine the client's specific weight loss needs, and goals will be formulated for making the necessary changes to food, eating and lifestyle. To facilitate this in-depth consultation, McCaffrey has clients prepare an extensive intake form, as well as a journal tracking the food they've consumed for seven days prior to the meeting.

"There are many factors that contribute to an individual's state of health and well-being and all must be considered when preparing a personal eating plan," she said. "Each person has a unique combination of genetics, culture, metabolism, constitution, current physical condition, lifestyle, environment, and level of commitment."

McCaffrey uses the information provided in the initial consultation to set achievable goals and to create a personal plan for eating and physical activity. The plan will include specific foods, portions, recipes and meal plans to help the client lose weight and bring their body into balance and a new state of health.

"I emphasize nutrient-rich foods and a balanced diet that repairs and heals the body, mind and spirit," she said. "Optimal nutrition for healthy weight loss is my speciality."

McCaffrey believes there are four factors that will help an individual achieve their health goals: willingness -- the capacity to say ‘yes' to doing something different; commitment -- there must be a strong desire for change; priority -- making wellness a priority means health is as important as brushing your teeth or taking a shower; activity -- moving the body is half the battle, without a change in metabolism, healing cannot work effectively.

To arrange a meeting with McCaffrey after her presentation at Bashas' on Wednesday, Nov. 3, call her at (480) 580-6207, or e-mail For more information, visit McCaffrey's website,

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