Questions About President Bush



Puzzling questions re: President Bush

1) If he was indeed a trained fighter pilot, why was he amazed at the terrorists' use of planes as weapons when in World War II the Japanese used this method against the U.S. Navy as kamikaze pilots?

2) If he was indeed a trained fighter pilot, or a transport pilot or co-pilot, why doesn't he produce the documents of graduation certification? Let's see his pilot's license, which will confirm the type of plane he can fly, and his log book, which will confirm hours flown on each type of aircraft.

3) If he truly does understand the religious nature of the war in Iraq, why did he not recognize that toppling Saddam only ignites further instability? The world may be rid of a "madman", but the bombing in Iraq has created and unleashed multiple madmen, and America is now singled out as the enemy.

4) Did President Bush and Cheney ever pay their millions in back taxes from the 1980s? If so, show us proof.

5) Bush's brother was involved in the Savings and Loan scandal that cost taxpayers billions in court fees, but he made and out-of-court settlement for $50,000. Is this playing fair to the American taxpayer? Bush family credibility, I'd say.

6) I've heard that his father, the previous President Bush, gave Saddam chemical agents to be used against Iran. Were those the chemicals of mass destruction he was looking for?

7) We have heard that he was Absent Without Leave for 13 months during his "tour of duty." The burden of proof is on him -- can he prove he was there?

8) My understanding is that he, like his father, gave 10 billion U.S. taxpayers' dollars to Israel, and that the money goes to support their armed forces against Palestine. This money also goes toward the construction of their 60-mile wall that is being built. Then, we, the U.S. citizens, sit back and wonder why the Arabs do not like us?

Leo Willemarck, Payson

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