Settlement Results In Musical Windfall For Arizona Libraries


Payson and Pine public libraries have received a musical windfall in the form of dozens of free compact discs.

As a result of a multi-state settlement of a CD price-fixing complaint against music distributors, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard recently distributed 98,476 compact discs valued at $1.3 million to public libraries throughout the state. The Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library in Pine received more than 200 CDs.

"This was a surprise for us," manager Becky Waer said. "It was a windfall for this library because we did not have the funding for this type of CD collection."

The CDs include a wide range of styles, from jazz and rhythm and blues, to children's songs, rock-n-roll, movie and musical soundtracks, and classical selections.

"This really is an amazing thing for our library," Waer said. "I have an $8,000 annual book budget, and here I receive thousands of dollars worth of CDs at no cost to this library."

The Payson Public Library also received dozens of new CDs through the settlement, director Terry Morris said.

"There were several collections, along with individual CDs," she said.

Among the collections are multi-CD sets featuring doo-wop, jazz, the Supremes, "Rhapsodies in Black: Music and Words from the Harlem Renaissance," and "Diana Ross: Musical Memories."

Morris invites the public to come in and check out the library's new additions.

"This library has never been able to provide music before," Waer said. "I think our patrons are really going to be thrilled to check out music."

For information on the Pine collection, call (928) 476-3678. For Payson, call (928) 474-9260.

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