Thanks To Tcca; School District Challenged To Place Higher Value On Performing Arts


To the board members and supporters of the Tonto Community Concert Association:

Thank you for bringing musical culture and class to Payson and making it available to our young people.


The Vega String Quartet performed masterfully during the second concert of the Tonto Community Concert Series in the Payson High School auditorium Friday. Left to right, Yinzi Kong, viola; Christine Sohn, violin I, Jessica Shuang WU, violin II; and Guang Wang, cello.

On Friday night I took my family to see the Vega String Quartet performing in the second concert of the Tonto Community Concert Series. It was an amazing performance that once again compels me to thank the TCCA and recognize the importance of supporting the arts in Rim country.

The TCCA's efforts to bring quality entertainment to Payson not only enrich the lives of the many adults who purchase concert tickets, but also introduce a higher level of entertainment and culture to the students and young people who are allowed to attend free of charge.

What a powerful message the board is sending to our children.

How grateful I am that my wife and I have been afforded the opportunity to take our children to see such a wide variety of incredible talent over the years. From folk singers and acrobats, to pianists and string quartets, the TCCA brings a world of musical discovery to our own back yard.

I challenge the Payson School District to take note and follow the TCCA's lead. District leaders need to be more aggressive about supporting and encouraging performing arts in our schools.

It's high time that plans be made to create a solid, progressive strings program and make it a goal to have a full orchestra in the high school within five years.

Numerous studies have shown that students who are involved in music and performing arts do better academically and socially. And there is no better way to pique a child's interest than to expose them to the kind of talented musicians the TCCA is bringing to Payson.

The next TCCA concert features vocalist and actress Gloria Loring in "An Evening for Friends & Lovers" at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 8 in the Payson High School auditorium. For information about season or individual tickets, call Eloise Jones (928) 478-4363, Marilyn Wolfe (928) 474-6115 or Steve Solcz (928) 474-6723 or check out the TCCA website at

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