Totalization Treaty



The president recently signed this treaty with Mexico and unless you and I can persuade Congress to stop it, millions of Mexicans, including illegals, will soon be living it up on your Social Security benefits. This treaty actually gives social security benefits to Mexicans faster and easier than Americans can get them. Americans are required to work a minimum of 40 quarters, or 10 years, to collect social security. This treaty would allow Mexicans, who have not met that minimum, to include their alleged work experience in Mexico toward getting our social security.

In reality, any Mexican need only get across the border for a short time to qualify for a lavish retirement paid out of the Trust Fund that was supposed to be safeguarded for your retirement and mine. This treaty will bleed hundreds of millions from the Trust Fund, wiping out our nation's primary retirement system, and leaving millions of Americans at risk of financial disaster.

This is happening right now, and there are fewer than 60 days left to repeal this treaty. House Resolution 720 is urgent to squash Bush's treaty with Mexico. The timing for repealing this outrageous treaty couldn't be worse. The few days we have left to repeal this treaty are the same few days preceding the November election, when every Congressman is campaigning hard for re-election, and the Congress is seldom in session. In short, it seems like the timing was planned in a very underhanded way to try to sneak this treaty past Congress.

The sellout of America continues. Contact your Representative today. We've got to stop this treaty!!

Ann Joachim, Payson

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