Bush Is A Failure



Political party members amaze me. No matter how bad their candidate is, they still support and vote for that individual. I guess it is called "tunnel vision."

George Bush has a hard time telling the truth. There is little that he says that can be believed. I called him a liar before he started this unjust war of his, and I still do.

Just what has George Bush done for America and the American citizens over the past four years?

Zilch! Nothing! Oh, but he brags a lot!

Millions of citizens are out of work. Those working are not making it because of low wages and corporate greed forcing the country into a two class society.

The economy is bad and Christmas will be a disappointment to retailers.

The country is going broke because of reckless government spending to support a shameful war.

Gasoline prices are out of reach and a slap in the American face because of Bush's war.

Bush's health bill is a disaster and a boom for the drug companies who recklessly advertise junk drugs on TV, which is basically a gift from the American citizens who are overcharged for prescription drugs.

Because of the Bush unjust war, we are a country in disgrace and looked down on by the rest of the free world.

The Bush claim of "Security" is meaningless. What we have done for security would have been done without Bush.

So, what has Bush done in four years?

Thousands of Iraqi citizens killed, and more than a thousand U.S. citizens and hundreds of citizens from other countries killed.

We cannot afford to have him in office again. He is a failure.

Republicans, who suffer from "party tunnel vision," who cannot vote for a candidate of a different party, would better serve our country by not voting at all.

Young people should vote in large numbers, but be careful whom you vote for because a "military draft" is about to begin regardless of what is being said.

We have another "Vietnam" in the making. Canada is in no mood for American draft dodgers.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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