Exercise Independence As Voter



I am a registered Independent; one of those sought-after "undecided" voters. I've never voted any one party (even the Independent or third party). As much as possible, I've tried to inform myself of the issues and those who represent them.

This election (more than ever) I've been so aware of those whose "parties" decide their views. Whether ‘elephant or donkey,' if one assumes (the party line) to be dead "right" there's no room for another point of view, and I think that's particularly sad at this time in our history. One hears that politics are dirty, only the rich can afford to run, that too many think their votes don't count, too few vote, and that our young people are disenchanted. We also know there are people in public life to admire and that elections are often won by small margins. I urge all of us to make the difference by exercising our "independence" which includes a mind stretch, listening to as many candidates as possible, and going to the booth as an informed electorate. I believe this is part of the "independence" which America originally fought for.

Barbara Duffy, Pine

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