No Comparison



Mr. Trimble, I suggest you visit the site where Grant took his last dying breath.

Mr. Fish stated Grant was at the top of the hill when he fired the first shot at the dogs. Grant ran down the hill at full speed, waving his arms and shouting.

If you visit the site you will learn the hill is extremely steep and imbedded with large rocks, ranging in size between two and four inches in diameter.

I challenge you or anyone else to run full speed down that grade and maintain your balance. There is no way you could be a threat to anyone.

Consider the fact that Grant was shot three times and landed face down, still breathing. Mr. Fish walked away, untouched, only to return an hour later to find Grant had bled to death.

Imagine what was going through Grant's mind as he laid there as his body was dying, his muscles relaxing allowing his body fluids and his blood to flow out every orifice in his body, his mouth, eyes, his ears and nose, his bladder and bowels. Not a pretty sight. Murder is not what Hollywood would have you believe.

Stop speculating and assuming. Two lives are at stake, Grant's and the shooter's. Grant deserves to be heard.

You don't have all the facts. I don't have all the facts. It is unfair to compare this case to any other.

It must be judged by a jury of Mr. Fish's peers, that has all the facts.

John McCauley, Payson

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