Our Actions Are A Positive Force



Regarding Mr. Reza's latest diatribe of Oct. 1 "America on the Abyss." Being one of the "poorly informed individuals Reza speaks of, I feel forced to write and state my thoughts.

Mr. Reza, apparently like many of his ilk, never sees a conspiracy theory he doesn't like. Being a "well informed individual," Mr. Reza sees America and her institutions as those most worthy of fear. Being one of the elite, the select, the few able to see the real picture, unlike you and I, apparently, members of the American public, party to the "illegal and immoral behavior" we have been "accessories to," must have its advantages. I suppose we should thank him for deigning to step down from his high perch and elucidate matters for us.

Being "poorly informed," I thought that our actions -- America's actions -- in the world were a positive force. A force for liberation, security and positive change, especially in the Mideast where the previous administration's policies were such an abject failure. An administration during which we were attacked several times without serious consequence. An administration during which al-Qaeda hatched and carefully developed their evil plots under our noses -- seeing us rightly, I think -- as weak and ineffectual. I know they don't think of us that way now. I fear that in one way at least, Mr. Reza is correct -- we do stand on the edge of an abyss -- I don't think one can actually stand on an abyss. I fear the election of John Kerry will push us right back into the hole of failed pursuits and irrational foreign policy.

Someone once said putting foreign policy into the hands of the Democrats is like giving a teenager the car keys and a quart of whiskey. But then, I'm poorly informed.

Steve Morgan, Pine

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