Rabid Fox Found In Tonto Basin Mobile Home Park


A fox was killed in the Tonto Basin area Oct. 9, and has been confirmed by the Arizona State Lab to have rabies.

The animal was reportedly roaming around an area mobile home park prior to Oct. 8. Any residents believing they had contact with this fox should contact the Gila County Rabies Control at (928) 474-1210 or (928) 425-5882.

Residents of Gila County are advised to never handle species of wild animals. Contact rabies control or the area animal control officer, when a sick , injured or dead wild animal is encountered.

Wild animals may exhibit signs of being tame. This tame behavior can actually be a symptom of the rabies virus.

Health and veterinary professionals all agree that having the family pet vaccinated against rabies is the first line of defense. Rabies is 100 percent fatal.

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