Smoke Gets In Your Eyes ...



The Forest Service is conducting a prescribed burn from Diamond Point to the south side of Thompson Draw II for the next two weeks.

My husband and I went into Payson on Tuesday to celebrate our anniversary with a steak dinner and we watched the beginning of the burning of ground cover near Thompson Draw.

The smoke was heavy in some areas, so I caution drivers on the Control Road to slow down because of poor visibility.

The burn will continue for the next two weeks. It might be a good idea to watch where the wind blows, and if the smoke affects your breathing, a mask may help along with shutting all windows and doors while the smoke is around.

This burn is necessary for our own fire safety, so we need to be tolerant of the Forest Service prescribed burn.

Fall colors

The village is putting on a wonderful fall show with all the different colors from the trees, all golds, reds and yellows.

The mornings are wonderfully crisp as my husband and I walk our beagle, Libby. Everyone knows when the beagle is out, she is howling , looking for rabbits. The rabbits have been scarce for a few weeks now, so she has not been able to have a good chase.

There has been an abundance of apples this year, so just about all the villagers are harvesting them. I made candy apples on Tuesday for our dominoes group. I plan to make a few apple pies for the fire department auxiliary Thursday. It sure is a lot of work to peel and core all those apples, but it is worth it. The apples are very tasty this year.

At 10 a.m., Saturday, the Tonto Village Fire Department auxiliary will be joining the Firebelles in Christopher Creek at the Landmark Restaurant for a huge pie sale.

Along with selling all kinds of pies, the auxiliary will be selling raffle tickets for a Hawkin percussion, .50-caliber, black powder rifle. Ticket prices are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. The drawing will be Oct. 23.

All pies will be homemade, so if you are not into baking, come and buy a few. If you would like to contribute a pie or two, call Diane Ham at (928) 478-4044 or Connie Weldon at (928) 478-0914. Diane or Connie will be happy to accept the pies.

On the mend

Get well wishes and a speedy recovery to Jeff Shaw of Tonto Village III. Jeff suffered a heart attack last week and was rushed to the Phoenix Heart Institute where a stint was inserted in his chest. Jeff is now recovering at home under the loving care of his wife Kara.

We all know that you will get well quickly, Jeff, and you will be raring to go to paint someone's house.

Tacky Halloween

Tacky, Sleazy and Seedy.

That is the theme for the Halloween party at the Double D on Saturday, Oct. 30. Not only will there be music and dancing by disk jockey John Marksbury from Kohl's Ranch but there will be judging of the best tacky, sleazy and seedy costume.

First prize will be $50, and second prize will be $40 donated by Willie Nourse of Lazy Hoss Metal Crafts.

The fun gets started at 7 p.m. so come and see your neighbors get tacky, sleazy and seedy.

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