Thinking Democrats Should Switch Parties



It seems to be an American trait that one votes as his parents and grandparents voted.owhere is this truer than in Arizona.n the old days both the Democrat and Republican parties were relatively conservative.either party was attempting to erode our nation's Constitution and fundamental philosophies.ut that has changed.
Republicans have generally remained moderate and conservative.ut today it's hard to find a Democrat politician who is not a liberal with Socialistic leanings.

Liberalism is why our school system is in shambles with standards so low we cannot compete in the world arena; why our educators are rewriting history by denigrating our country's founding fathers and undermining the cornerstones of our nation. Liberal judges apply their personal agendas to overrule laws, it's why our entire justice system isn't working. It's why we have third-generation welfare recipients with no desire to be productive; why our medicare and welfare systems are being drained by illegal immigrants and welfare cheaters. It's why desecrating our flag is considered freedom of expression. It's why ranchers are being deprived of their grazing permits (due to a liberal judge's decision). It's why our society has become so permissive, why our nation is becoming morally bankrupt, why state and federal governments are so big.These are the things that are weakening the U.S.A.Liberals, of course, deny all this and are quick to place the blame elsewhere.But unbiased political analysts know otherwise and even the jaundiced liberal media is begrudgingly conceding these truths.

The dregs of society are drawn to the Democrat party like iron to a magnet.Its members include union labor thugs, radical minority groups, sexual deviates, leftist educators, all sorts of special interest groups, welfare advocates, big city political bosses, environmental zealots, gun-control advocates, social activists, convicts, inner-city riffraff.Do we think like these people?Do we associate with these people? Do we want to support these people? Certainly not.

There is, however, another political party which offers a brighter alternative, one dedicated to preserving the principles and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution -- the Republican party.It's tough to be a Democrat these days without being a hypocrite.o what's a Democrat to do?It's a good time for thinking Democrats to consider switching parties.
Dave Ricker, Payson

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