Bittner Is A Proven Leader



It's that time of year again when citizens are encouraged to promote people who they feel are the best candidates for their particular positions.

I feel motivated to endorse Armida Bittner as the Gila County Superintendent of Schools because of her proven leadership ability.

While employed by the Gila County Consortium many years ago, I had the privilege of working closely with Mrs. Bittner while under her supervision. I personally observed her effectiveness in leading educators towards new, innovative methods while continuing with worthy techniques, which had been successful, and simply required continued implementation.

Having worked in the public schools, either through the Consortium or while being under contract, I have had the opportunity to work in the Miami, Payson, Pine, Tonto Basin and San Carlos school districts for the past 22 years. There has never been an occasion when I have heard anyone say anything but accolades regarding Mrs. Bittner as a citizen, educator or as our county superintendent.

I am proud to support Armida Bittner in her bid to continue to represent Gila County as our superintendent of schools.

Roberta Madaras, Payson

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