Brewer Best Man For Job



I've had the pleasure of knowing Sam Brewer, candidate for constable, for many years. He is a gentleman of the highest caliber. Sam worked for me for two years, managing a lot sales subdivision. He demonstrated his trustworthiness, people skills, organizational abilities, and work ethic.

They are exemplary and would be great assets to the county. Sam has an extensive law enforcement background, which would also be a great asset to this position. Sam has a great deal of local knowledge from his many years of living and working in Gila County.

I know this job requires perseverance and sometimes, late hours and I know from experience that these are not impediments to Sam. Sam conducts himself in a manner that will represent the county in a very professional manner.

In closing, I can think of no other person who could do a better job for us as our constable in this area. I respectfully and sincerely urge you to vote for Sam Brewer to be our constable.

Cliff Potts, Payson

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