Changing Parties A Good Idea



I cannot leave unanswered the letter entitled, "Thinking Democrats should switch parties," by Dave Ricker, although I fully realize that that kind of mentality is virtually unreachable.

I was born a Republican and was a registered Republican for nearly 40 years, but when I became a "thinking Republican" I switched to Democrat. Even after the radical right took over the Republican party, I tried for several years to remain loyal. But alas, I simply could not swallow the myths.

I do not consider myself a "dreg of society drawn to the Democrat party like iron to a magnet." I have three university degrees, all paid for by myself, and I have helped my wife through three university degrees (Ph.D.), as well. I have one daughter with a master's degree and another who is a medical doctor. My education has helped me to think for myself.

Ricker's degradation of liberals was appalling. The dictionary defines a liberal as: "broad-minded; favoring reform or progress; favoring political reforms tending toward democracy." The dictionary definition for conservative is: "wanting to keep things as they are and being against change and reform; cautious." And the term "compassionate conservative," so over-used today, is an oxymoron. Change is inevitable, and we are either going forward or backward -- we never just stand still.

Yes, I thought changing parties was a very good idea, so I began thinking about more than just myself and I switched -- from Republican to Democrat!

Del Bohlmeyer, Payson

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