Little People Can Make A Difference



Thank goodness for people like Pat Johnson, president of the Whispering Pines Homeowners Association. We folks up here in Whispering Pines and environs were faced with an additional 40 minute one way commute to town for six weeks while the Forest Service improved a crossing across the usually dry river. That plan, thanks to her efforts, has now been postponed pending approval of a better plan that allows for an alternate crossing while the improvements are made.

What really raised our hackles was the arrogant attitude of Rod Byers of the Payson Ranger District, who pretty much said we could complain all we wanted, but the original plan would go forth. This is bureaucracy with its worst face on.

Pat has shown us that we little people can still make a difference. Thanks for the civics reminder Pat.

Beth and Guy Pittman, Whispering Pines

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