Loving Animals Wait At Shelter For Homes



October is still Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month so it seemed appropriate to visit the shelter and introduce a few dogs. It is always an eye opener to see that the dogs behind the fences are so much like the ones we have at home. They are eager for attention and a kind word and always hopeful for -- the best of all possible things -- a walk.

Dakota and Maisey have been at the shelter too long. They have both been adopted and then returned for no fault of their own. Their days are numbered unless they can find homes.


Maisey and Dakota watch and hope that someone might be coming to take a look at them, or at least take them for a walk.

Dakota, a 3-year-old shepherd-chow mix. She is a real lover. She does suffer from separation anxiety, and therefore needs a family or single person who is around a lot or who will take her along. She loves to travel, is housetrained, and very much enjoys walking. Her one owner was not at home much; and she suffered terribly from loneliness. She does not like dominant dogs and seems to prefer males, but she appears to be OK with cats. Dakota is a sweet dog. Her beautiful eyes beg for attention and a home. Stop by and say hello to her.

Maisey is a 3-year-old yellow Labrador mix. She had been running loose for a couple of months, and was finally caught and brought into the shelter with a litter of puppies. She was very sick with mastitis, an inflammation of her mammary glands, but she is now healthy and her pups have all been adopted. Maisey gets along with everyone including children, cats and other dogs. She is always trying to please. She is young and needs training, but she loves walks and is pretty good on a leash. Digging is a fault so she needs secure fencing. When she is finally secure with a family, she just might quit digging or she could be given a very special place in the yard where digging is permitted.

Both of these young dogs are hoping for some security in their lives. They want a home, a family and most of all, love. They want a family that they can trust, and as they learn the rules and gain that security, they will be able to share all that love that has been cooped up inside them.

Naturally, there are many other dogs and cats at the Payson Humane Society looking for homes.

And there are puppies. Puppies are dumped at the doorstep at the shelter or whole litters are found abandoned. Too often they are not old enough to be away from their mothers. If only people would be fair and spay and neuter their pets. Presently, there are some very sweet puppies available for adoption.

People who are looking for a dog come into the shelter hoping to find the perfect pet. That is quite a lot to expect from a dog who may have been abused, undernourished, neglected, and very likely starved for affection. It takes a little time for a dog to believe that someone will love and care for him. But once he feels loved, most often, he will settle down and gain confidence. He will try one more time to love someone and maybe, just maybe, he might be loved in return.

Stop by the humane society for a visit. Spend an hour or so taking dogs for walks. You can be sure that a simple walk is the highlight of any day, but it does not happen often enough.

Visit with Dakota and Maisey. You may even decide to take them for a walk. Both of these gals will steal your heart, and will hope that you might give them a chance to love and be loved. Such a simple wish, but for too many, it is only a dream.

Christy Wrather is a columnist for the Payson Roundup. She can be reached by e-mail at cpwrather@earthlink.net or by snail mail at HC1 Box 210, Strawberry, AZ 85544.

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