Our Choices Are Sickening



What I find sickening is the choices from which we are asked to elect -- at most all levels: No way, say I!

One old-timer wrote to the Roundup last year and explained that he did not bother to vote because "it only encourages the rascals." Just so!

My view is that no one should be elected to hold any public office whatever without first receiving at least 51 percent of the number of votes corresponding not to the number of persons voting, not to the number registered, but rather to the number eligible to vote.
What's more, no matter how many choices are on the ballot, the last one on the ballot should always be labeled "None of the Above," and the election rerun if necessary.

The most important attribute of our present system is our ability to peacefully un-elect those who have not served well: a single-term system would, as a matter of fact, not make much difference in election outcomes.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Valencia, Calif.

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