Superintendent Welcomes Input On Grievance Policy



In a recent letter to the editor, a proposed change in the school district's grievance policy was discussed. Unfortunately, it contained several erroneous statements that I wish to correct.

1) The policy does not allow any administrator to declare a grievance inappropriate. The policy clearly states that only the governing board may declare a grievance in bad faith or false and then only if the employee takes it to the board. The superintendent does not have or want the power to impose discipline because any grievance is filed. In fact, as stated, the proposed policy would cause an administrator to violate policy, which could cause dismissal, if they retaliated in any way against an employee because of a grievance.

2) Copies of the current and proposed policy are available upon asking. I did not get a request to provide a copy. I will be happy to do so upon request.

3). Our governing board takes its role as representatives of the public seriously, and they are supportive of students and employees. Their record speaks for itself.

4). As I expressed at the meeting, an employee's right to file a legitimate grievance or concern is protected. Most grievances are legitimate and must be fairly heard. I will defend that stance forever while supporting fair play on all sides and not supporting unprofessional behavior.

5). Finally, I suggest that anyone interested should come to my office and get a copy of the proposal. I would be happy to explain what the proposal means and encourage anyone's input. That is why final approval has been postponed until November.

Herb Weissenfels, Superintendent, Payson Unified School District

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