We Can Stop Genocide



Following the end of World War II when the full extent of the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed, the mantra of the "civilized world" regarding genocide was "Never Again!"

Nevertheless, since then genocide has taken place in Rwanda, and to their eternal shame the United States and other "advanced nations" of the world did essentially nothing to stop it. The world is now faced with genocide in Sudan, and the way things are currently going it appears that it will turn out to be Rwanda all over again.

One individual comes to mind who can terminate or at least greatly curtail the genocide in Sudan by issuing a single order. That individual is President Bush. As commander in chief of all the United States armed forces, he has at his disposal warplanes and missiles far beyond what are required in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those excess resources should be able to destroy all of Sudan's warplanes and helicopters as well as the bulk of its surface military vehicles with relative ease.

If the President would forget about the rest of the world and even Congress and do as I have suggested, would any member of Congress dare criticize him for doing what assuredly would be God's work? Additionally, he has it in his power to do something to put an end to this genocide. If he fails to do so there is not the least doubt that he will have to answer for it when he stands before his Maker on Judgment Day.

Otis Trimble, Payson

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