A ‘Beholden' Babbitt Is A Fallacy



Dan Adams' claim that Paul Babbitt is "beholden to environmentalists" comes up a few stone throws short of the truth.

I checked Babbitt's campaign contributors (the Federal Election Commission has a website. It is so easy I'm sure Dan could have done it) and I could not find the overwhelming backing from environmentalists that had Dan so riled up. I did see some physicians, some homemakers and some guy who says he owns the Snow Bowl. I also saw the American Federation of Teachers and the Service Workers Union.

I'm sure Paul Babbitt doesn't feel beholden to any contributor, but if he does, I'm sure the waitresses, maids and janitors in the Service Workers Union probably deserve someone on their side. Not to say I think any support that Babbitt gets from environmentalists is a bad thing. When Dan and Rick Renzi are done polluting and tearing down the forest for a few bucks in the short-term, we can all fondly remember when we had tourists in summer and hunters in fall propping up the economies of all of Northern Arizona.

Are a few cents (possibly) of property tax relief worth your job? And why would anyone in the Payson area want to elect someone like Babbitt who understands the delicate balance of tourism, quality of life, and exploitation of natural resources that all must work hand in hand to create a vibrant small town economy when they could elect someone who doesn't have a clue, like Rick Renzi?

Craig Crane, Whispering Pines

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