Armer Makes Himself Available



On Oct. 12, I was a co-sponsor of a coffee hour for Gila County Sheriff John Armer who is running for re-election. I have known John and his lovely wife, Claudia, for quite a few years, but have never talked to him about what goes on in the sheriff's office or his duties.

There were 14 people at this coffee, some of them retired, some active law enforcement personnel.

John talked extensively about what he has done to improve the operation of the sheriff's office; what he plans on doing if re-elected; and the ever-present problems with drug dealers and users, especially the problem of "garden" marijuana growth in the remote forests of Gila County.

All of us found John to be forthright in what we discussed.

Gila County has only five incorporated communities; the rest of the land is either state-owned, U.S. forest land or Indian reservation. This is a large territory for the sheriff's office to cover with a limited budget.

The get-together was very informative because John never stuttered when answering questions, and best of all, he told us that he is always available to talk with any organization, committee or individuals about questions or problems they have with his office.

Since the sheriff is in the county seat of Globe, I think it is important for the people of Payson to know these things about John Armer. I heartily endorse him for the next sheriff of Gila County.

Ruth V. Craig, Payson

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