Freeman A Man Of Principle



The citizens of Gila County have a clear choice -- Roger Freeman for constable -- this Nov. 2 at the voting booth.

Freeman is a man of vision who understands the importance and commitment the job of constable requires -- he's proved this commitment with a highly distinguished, 40-year career in the aerospace industry.

Freeman will continue the fine work of current constable and supporter Gail Palmateer, ensuring the constable's office will have an effortless transition. He will hold allegiance to the people he represents -- the people of Gila County, not the Payson mayor's office.

It has been my honor to have known Mr. Freeman for the past 40 years. He is a man of principle who has not made politics just a career, but has chosen this path to best serve the community where he chooses to call home.

C. Bourne, Chandler

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