Kerry Feeds Hunger For Change



In the three presidential debates, America finally saw John Kerry without the media's often partisan filter, and liked what it saw. He is a natural born leader, calm, poised, steady, and in command of the facts. He looks infinitely more presidential than his opponent.

George W. Bush can't fix this country's problems because he can't even see them. He is unable to admit to even a single mistake. He offers nothing but the failed policies of the past: more corporate welfare, more pollution, more warmongering, more pandering to the wealthiest 1 percent while cutting vital services for the least privileged.

There is a great hunger in this country for change, for a different direction, and for different priorities. Bush seeks to stifle this call by appealing to fear. Kerry offers hope and optimism for the future. He will make a great president.

Hugh Dunne, Phoenix

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