Shot Cutoff Point Should Have Been Announced



I have just returned home after standing in line at the Banner Health Center, in 50-degree weather, to get what I thought was a flu shot. Instead after only about 100 of the approximately 200 people in line were given shots we were told they were out of vaccine.

I have no issue with them running out of vaccine, I do have an issue with a medical group, supposedly in business to help the people, allowing patients to wait in line for over an hour or more, some in wheelchairs, walkers and on oxygen, without having the compassion, decency, or common sense to let the overflow know there was not enough vaccine for everyone in line. A cutoff point should have been initiated.

Additionally, quite a few of the people in line were not apparently in the at-risk group, yet no distinction was given to anyone.

I'm angry and disturbed at the lack of concern and caring being shown to the public during this shortage.

Jean Failing, Payson

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