The Most Important Election Issue



What destroyed the Southwestern economy? Environmental activism pushed out our sawmills, loggers, truckers and rail yards.hat threatens our security?ne hundred years of forest mismanagement has resulted in forest overgrowth, catastrophic wildfires, bark beetle infestations, and depleted water supply.

Through the Healthy Forest Initiative and other policies, the Bush administration has been successfully shifting the balance of power away from these disastrous policies of the past and the environmental extremists who defend them.he President, and local politicians from both parties, knows the solution lies with private businesses that manage the forests while generating revenue for the local economy.

Under Bush, new forest-based businesses are emerging; sawmills and log trucking slowly returning.orest stewardship contracts are being offered, critical to this process, previously blocked by environmental groups.undreds of small businesses are now working to turn our forest problems into economic vitality.ll of which would end under Kerry's government-controlled and conservationist-approved plans.

Like him or not, Bush has a track record fighting the environmental lobbyists and making progress on this issue that affects us very directly.f you support that progress, support Bush.

Chris Walsh, Payson

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