Use Prayer And Minds In Vote



On 9/11/01 western civilization was attacked by 19 suicide-murderers under the direction of evil Muslim masterminds. They killed more unsuspecting persons from many nations than were killed in the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Their body parts scattered throughout the World Trade Center buildings, which then collapsed.

The "civilized" world was in shock. It still seems impossible. Our Christian president, George W. Bush made a decisive response -- he declared war on terrorism. Thanks to this response we have not had another terrorist attack on our country since.

Now it seems the majority of persons in the media, and in Hollywood, and the political liberals are dedicating themselves to destroying the credibility of moral decision-making. Where is the outrage of the American Medical Association of their murder of babies in the birth canal ("partial birth" -- a "politically correct" term)? This is a multi-million dollar business.

Of course it is "politically incorrect" to speak the truth of gays widely spreading the HIV virus, and of undermining the family unit as it has existed since the creation of the human race -- all in the name of "freedom."

Bob O'Brien, Payson, wrote two excellent letters to the editor in April. On the 13th was "Preparing for a Kerry America." He shows, "Kerry plans to allow the United Nations to make policy and law in the United States..." Are you willing to decide the future for your grandchildren for some personal gain you perceive in this kind of individual at the helm of your country?

In the "Health and Healing" newsletter, Dr. Julian Whitaker writes: "When we became a member nation of the World Trade Organization in 1995, we agreed that, ‘The United States does commit to act in accordance with the rules of the multilateral body. In other words, we signed away our sovereignty. The World Trade Organization rules can potentially override U.S. laws."

Kerry says Bush failed to gather a coalition for the war: Who tried harder? France, together with the U.N., gave Saddam Hussein many months to destroy evidence and to build up arms. Many American lives are being lost because of our "allied" enemies.

Can you vote for this and sleep in peace? Are you concerned for your children's children. Please use your prayers and mind when you cast your ballot.

Paul Consoer, Payson

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