What's Up?


Q: Why doesn't Frontier Elementary School have a crossing guard on duty at Mud Springs Road and Frontier Street?

A: Principal Gail Gorry said a crossing guard is on duty after school, however morning crossing guard duties are handled by volunteer parents, assisted by one of the school's neighboring residents. However, the volunteers cannot always be there, so Gorry invites anyone interested in helping supervise the arrival of students in the morning to get in touch with her. The school's phone number is (928) 472-2052.

Q: Some precincts reportedly received the wrong ballots in the primary and there were ballots missing names. What is being done to rectify this?

A: "There was no ballot problem," according to Linda Haught Ortega, the Gila County Recorder. "If you were a Democrat you received a Democrat ballot, and Dan Haapala's name was not there because he was on the Republican ballot. The State of Arizona is a partisan state and Democrats and Republicans vote for their own candidates. Democrats could not vote a Republican ticket, nor could they write-in another party's candidate. Please contact my office by calling 1 (800) 291-4452 extension 8735 or come into the satellite office in Payson if you have questions about your precinct and/or the process."

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