Family Needs Answers



The friends and family of Jim Moreland are deeply disturbed by the information, or lack thereof, being released by Department of Public Safety.

Jim was a passenger in a car stopped for speeding. He was shot. References to Jim as a "suspect" are spurious. He was a hard working, easy-going person headed north for a relaxing weekend.

How disclosing that there were no weapons or drugs in the car would contaminate the DPS investigation would be nice to know.

No matter the reason that Officer Lewis fired his weapon, Jim Moreland was an innocent victim of that shot.

The Gila County Attorney should place the investigation into another agency's hands to assure the public of full disclosure.

There were only two witnesses. This occurred in the afternoon hours in full daylight. Was there a dash camera that could shed light on the incident? Was any type of contraband found? DPS owes the community and the family an explanation. Public confidence in DPS will quickly evaporate if answers aren't forthcoming quickly and honestly.

Charlie Ory, Apache Junction

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