Governor Napolitano Supports Armer



This is a letter of support from the Governor.

Dear Sheriff Armer:

As Governor of Arizona, and previously as Arizona's attorney general, I take comfort in knowing that you are the sheriff in Gila County. Your high ethics, education and experience assure competent leadership in county law enforcement.

Sheriff, you have played an important part in developing and implementing Arizona's homeland security plan. You work effectively with fellow sheriffs and currently serve as their elected President of the Arizona Sheriff's Association. You are respected by the law enforcement community throughout Arizona and beyond, which is significant in this time of increased threat to public safety.

The residents of Gila County can be confident that their safety is in the hands of a consummate professional with the experience to administer effective countywide law enforcement. You have consistently demonstrated your ability to lead effectively.

I am hopeful that Gila County voters will keep you in office as their sheriff.

Janet Napolitano, Governor

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