Incumbent Sheriff A Respected Leader



I am pleased to endorse John Armer for Sheriff of Gila County. John is a man of uncommon personal integrity, professional law enforcement experience, knowledge, and ability.

As former governor of Arizona, I am well aware of his reputation as a respected leader who is admired by members of the Department of Public Safety, firefighters, sheriffs, police, county attorneys, as well as other city, county, and state officials.

As a native of Gila County, it has been my privilege and pleasure to know John, as well as his family, for decades. The Armer name is synonymous with law enforcement, Gila County, safety and security, community service, honesty, and capable leadership.

John has continued to serve on local, county, and state advisory boards and committees protecting the rights and responsibilities of employees and citizens. He has drafted meaningful and important legislation, and has worked through the legislative process to bring about needed improvements in law enforcement.

Victim rights are of particular concern to him. He has always demonstrated compassion and commitment in his professional and personal life. His commitment to wage war on drugs on all fronts, including interdiction, rehabilitation, and education through our schools is well documented.

I am honored that John returned to Gila County with his extensive and impressive career in law enforcement to benefit the citizens of his home county. I encourage all Gila County voters to take advantage of his willingness to continue serving as sheriff. Your safety could not be in better hands.

Rose Mofford, Phoenix

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