Kerry A Disgrace To Military



There is a new book out that topped the New York Times bestseller list: "Unfit for command; Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out against John Kerry." They say that John Kerry is no hero, he is a liar. They also said that all three Purple Hearts Kerry received were mere scratches, and two were self-inflicted. They also challenge the circumstances of his Silver and Bronze Star medals, saying they were based on wildly inflated stories.

The swift boat veterans say that the few times Kerry faced real combat, he fled. They also said Kerry was a recklessly irresponsible officer who regularly disobeyed orders. He routinely lied to further his own ambitions. Kerry was so disliked among other swift boat commanders that when he got his third Purple Heart, they asked him to go. They knew his medals were fraudulent.

The swift boat veterans emerged to challenge Kerry's version of what happened in Vietnam. The Swift Boat veterans are neither Democrat nor Republican, conservative nor liberal.

Two prominent members of Kerry's own party were so disgusted with him that they threw their support to Bush.

When John Kerry was discharged from the Navy, he immediately joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and he joined ranks with Jane Fonda and became a radical war protester and he was held in high esteem by the North Vietnamese government. Men were killed because of the anti-war conduct of Kerry and Fonda.

Kerry doesn't want to talk about his multiple trips to Paris to meet with communist leaders during the Vietnam War. Now, with former prisoners of war pointing out in television ads that Kerry's anti-war rhetoric was used by Hanoi to increase their suffering, Kerry is really excited about changing the subject.

Now some 33 years later, Kerry wants to be president and commander-in-chief. He should be rejected for his outrageous behavior while his fellow combatants were still dying in Vietnam.

He is a disgrace to the U.S. military service and to the proud men and women who served. Kerry is now asking us to judge him on the basis of his anti-war activities.

I'm voting for George W. Bush, and I hope you are, too.

C.A. (Bud) Collette, Payson

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