Kerry A Hypocrite



So now, Sen. Kerry has an Ohio hunting license and has said he will be back there to hunt. He has also said he "believed in the Second Amendment." What a hypocrite! In a recent West Virginia photo op, he actually posed with a shotgun that would have been banned under Senate Bill 1431, which he co-sponsored. Here is just a bit more of Sen. Kerry's record from the American Rifleman issue of November 2004:

"This year, Kerry voted for Ted Kennedy's bill to ban all center-fire rifle hunting ammunition (Amendment 2619 to S.1805).

"Kerry is currently a co-sponsor of S. 1431, legislation to ban millions of semi-automatic shotguns and rifles. In fact, his own bill would ban the very Remington 11-87 shotgun he recently posed with for the cameras in West Virginia.

"This year, Kerry voted to ban gun shows.

"In 1998, Kerry voted for the Durbin-Chafee Amendment to impose severe criminal penalties on a lawful citizen whose gun was stolen and used in a crime."

If you think Sen. Kerry's anti-gun record is bad on hunting guns, just imagine what it is on handguns. If enough gun owners vote Democratic, we could end up with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and an anti-gun president. This would mean three liberal appointees to our Supreme Court, which is the law of the land. They would probably rule that the Second Amendment does not mean individual rights. Would we want to be like England and Australia, with all handguns, and nearly all hunting guns, banned? Maybe we could keep our single-shot shotguns.

It is sad, and I must say disgusting, to think that the Democratic Party that I voted for 50 years ago has become what it is today.

Dale Thoen, Payson

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