Kerry Is Anti-Gun



Most gun owners do not realize how close the Clinton administration came to disarming America. Various proposed legislation included repealing the Second Amendment guaranteeing individual citizens the right to own and bear arms. Clinton proposed exorbitant taxes on guns and ammunition, registration and licensing of all types of firearms, bans on many popular semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, bans on gun shows, and elimination of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Sen. John Kerry voted for all these anti-gun proposals.

Recently Kerry voted for Ted Kennedy's bill to ban all center-fire hunting ammunition and is co-sponsor of yet another bill to ban millions of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Just this year he supported a revised bill to ban gun shows. He voted against protecting the firearms industry from frivolous law suits.

Last month, in a blatant display of deceit and hypocrisy, he posed in hunting garb holding a shotgun and claimed to be a pro-gun advocate and lifelong hunter when, in fact, his senate record is consistently anti-gun and his hunting experience is minuscule. He is trying to fool us.

Gun owners and all Americans beware. The specter of a disarmed citizenry with its many ramifications is a clear and present danger. Regardless of your political preferences anti-gun John Kerry must not, repeat not, be our next president.

Dave Ricker, Payson

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