Renzi Attack Ads Flimsy



We Democrats are very unhappy that one of Renzi's ads attack the very man who is fighting to lower our prescription drugs by allowing them to come into our country. Paul Babbitt, running to un-seat Rick Renzi, does have modest investments in pharmaceuticals as part of his retirement mutual funds. The total amount is about $5,000 so those investments may have made him a couple hundred dollars last year. Meanwhile, Renzi voted to pass the Republican drug bill that has no price limits on drugs.

On the matter of residency, Rick Renzi, according to the Arizona Sun, "moved to Virginia 18 years ago and purchased a Flagstaff home in 2001, just months before filing his candidacy for Congress. Renzi and his family have lived for more than a decade in Burke, Va., where his school-age children attend school." Renzi's neighbor in Flagstaff has written a letter to the editor speaking of Renzi's absence from that house.

Paul Babbitt, by contrast, part of a six-generation Arizona family, lives in Flagstaff. Over the past 28 years, Paul has served as Flagstaff mayor, city council member and a Coconino County supervisor. As a group, the Board of Supervisors did raise taxes, but within the mandate of a balanced budget. Paul estimates a total of $9 per household over 20 years. By contrast, Rick Renzi is a part of the Republicans who show no interest in balancing the budget.

Because Paul is a full-time Arizona resident, and because he's on the right side of importing American drugs at a lower price, we urge you readers to support him for Arizona District one of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Doug Herbster, Leo Willemarck, Payson

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