Brewer For Constable



It's time to elect a knowledgeable, dedicated and professional person to the position of constable. Sam Brewer is dedicated to serve the people of our county in a professional way. Sam has many years of law enforcement experience, and has a great working relationship, which is very valuable for this position, with other law enforcement agencies,

Sam Brewer is a gentleman of the highest caliber, and conducts himself in a manner that will represent the county in a very professional manner. Sam, a resident of Payson since 1973, has a great deal of local knowledge.

Listening to talk and reading articles around the county, it's time for a change and to say good night to the good ol' boys, and family names. They have served us well, but it's time for a change.

I urge all of you to vote for Sam Brewer as constable of Gila County.

Brenda Straw

Tonto Basin

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