Brewer Says He's Most Qualified For Constable




Republican Sam Brewer said he has had his eye on the job of constable since he was a Gila County sheriff's deputy back in 1994.

Brewer, who has been running his 24-hour towing business since 2001, said he wants to return to public service.

"I believe I am the only candidate with a law enforcement background," Brewer said. "With the nature of this job, I think it is important to have that experience."

Brewer said the job of constable often involves serving papers to people who are in a bad or uncomfortable predicament whether it be an eviction or picking up a piece of property they think belongs to them which doesn't.

"It's an adverse situation -- anything can happen," Brewer said. "Law enforcement training helps you with that." His knowledge of the area is also a plus on the job, which requires traveling throughout the region.

Brewer said he is well aware of the big commitment the job requires.

Brewer said what makes a good constable is someone willing to work hard, keep good records and has a good rapport with law enforcement agencies and the courts.

"What's important is that I am the most qualified candidate," Brewer said.

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