Commitment To Rural Areas Deep



Some residents are unaware of the depth of Representative Bill Konopnicki's commitment to rural Arizona. Although Bill does not reside in Gila County, he has supported and contributed toward many things that have had a positive impact upon the residents of Gila County. I have known Bill more than 35 years. He is a rural-oriented individual who has a multi-faceted background that enables him to operate within the metropolitan community to maximize benefits for rural Arizona residents.

Bill Konopnicki was instrumental in the initial development of the community college courses within the Globe community by obtaining funding support for the Gila Pueblo campus. His deep commitment to education is serving our residents in many ways as our representative. He is working hard to correct the past errors of the legislature that have penalized our college district financially. Bill has been a successful contributor to all of the many educational, business, civic, religious, and political organizations he has served.

Many of us here in Payson have selected this as our home, desiring to distance ourselves from the many negative aspects of the metropolitan city atmosphere. We have (and continue to have) larger city types tell us what they think we need. We can ill afford to place our legislative leadership responsibilities within individuals who reside in metropolitan communities and maintain priorities for those groups. Approximately 65 percent of Arizona's population resides within Maricopa County. Therefore, why should we in Gila County support candidates from Maricopa County to be our representatives? That we would even consider doing just that does not make sense to me, when we have such a highly-qualified, competent, dedicated Bill Konopnicki who is willing to take his time away from his successful business and family to help us improve our governmental representation and benefits.

Bill is currently demonstrating his willingness and abilities to do a good job for us as our District Five representative. Therefore, I hope you will join with me in supporting and re-electing Bill Konopnicki. He is a man of his word; he has a deep commitment to God, his family, friends, neighbors, and fellow rural Arizonans. Bill is a man we can trust to do the right thing in continuing to serve us well. Bill Konopnicki is an excellent employee for us. Let's keep him as our representative.

Hoyt Kenmore


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