Corporation Commission Races Have Variety


The Arizona Corporation Commission has four seats to be filled in the 2004 elections. One seat is for a two-year term, expiring Jan. 1, 2007. Three seats are for four-year terms which conclude Jan. 1, 2009.

Four-year term (3 seats)

Mike Gleason (R)



Incumbent Mike Gleason, 77, is a former state representative, with a doctorate in plant physiology.

Noting that the corporation commission must consider the interests of both consumers and utilities, Gleason believes he has the background to get the job done.

"Striking this balance requires the ability to study and comprehend complex testimony and judge each case on its merits -- not on what might be politically popular at the time," he said.

Gleason's e-mail address is

Jeff Hatch-Miller (R)



Incumbent Jeff Hatch-Miller, 59, is a former legislator, business owner and teacher, with a doctorate in psychology.

"Arizona's present commission is enjoying the reputation as one of the best in Arizona's history," he said.

He said he has managed to balance the interests of consumers and utilities.

"I make certain that there is no discrimination in charges, service, or facilities between persons or places," he said. "I balance ratepayers' needs for reliable service and affordable prices, while ensuring that utilities can earn a fair rate of return on their investment.

Hatch-Miller's e-mail address is and his campaign website is

Mark Manoil (D)



Mark Manoil, 46, is a Phoenix lawyer and a lifetime resident of Arizona.

"The corporation commission can and should better represent Arizona's needs," Manoil said. "I will put Arizona residents' health, safety and pocketbooks ahead of corporate interests."

At the same time Manoil says he will work to improve Arizona's long-term livability and economic vitality.

"I pledge to bring fairness, common sense and balance to the corporation commission," he said. "I will strive to be a steward for Arizona's present and future."

Manoil's e-mail and campaign website address is

William A. Mundell (R)



Incumbent William Mundell, 51, is a former state legislator, attorney and municipal judge. He said he believes the role of a commissioner is "quasi-judicial (like a judge) in nature, that is we listen to all the evidence presented and reach a decision based on the record."

The commission, Mundell says, is charged with protecting consumers from being overcharged, while also providing utilities with a reasonable return on their investments.

Mundell's e-mail address is wamundell@

Nina Trasoff (D)



Nina Trasoff is president of a corporate communications firm and a former reporter and anchor at ABC affiliate KGUN-TV in Tucson.

Trasoff believes the role of commissioners is to listen to all sources of information and then find the appropriate balance.

"Utilities have a right to a fair return, but the big question is what is a fair return on investment?" she said. "It's also critical to look at the impact of any decision we make on the families who end up paying those rates."

Trasoff believes the current commission is unbalanced.

Trasoff's e-mail and website address is

Two-year term (1 seat)

Rick Fowlkes (L)



Rick Fowlkes is a professional engineer. He has more than 35 years experience on commercial, residential and industrial designs, including projects for the electric power industry.

Fowlkes believes he clearly has the qualifications to serve on the corporation commission. He will bring an engineering and business background to the commission that other candidates do not. More important than his experience, Rich will bring his Libertarian convictions and a belief that the best government is less government. Rick will work to eliminate government waste and to make it easier for businesses to do business in Arizona.

Kris Mayes (R)



Kris Mayes, a life-long resident of Arizona, was appointed to fill the seat created when Jim Irvin resigned.

The former reporter believes that one of the most important roles of a commissioner is to look out for the interests of ratepayers and consumers.

"In this day and age, when so many Arizonans are living on fixed incomes and when so many are working harder and harder for a living, I believe it is the role of every commissioner to ensure that consumers and ratepayers get a fair deal at the commission," Mayes said.

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