Decision 2004: Election Overview

Voters must take responsibility


On Tuesday we all have a responsibility - one paid for by blood with honor - we must vote. Whom you cast your ballot for is not nearly so important as exercising your right to vote.

Before going to the polls, check your sample ballot, make sure the information is correct and verify it with the Gila County Recorder.

The sample ballot is a tool to be used to make informed decisions. Combine it with the material available in the Clean Elections brochure, fliers you have been getting in the mail, and the information provided on this website using the links provided below.

The Roundup's "Decision 2004" includes brief information about the candidates in contested local, county and state races that will be on the Nov. 2 ballot.

No matter whom or what you vote for, please vote.

Running for Gila County Supervisor, District 1

Martin wants county to be more responsive

Whitely running due to dissatisfaction

Running for Gila County Sheriff

Incumbent sheriff says he's kept promises

Pound wants to build agency relationships

Running for Gila County School Superintendent

Bittner: Superintendent knows value of education

O'Dell wants change in superintendent's office

Running for Constable

Brewer says he's most qualified for constable

Freeman brings people skills to constable's post

Running for Gila County Supervisor, District 3

Dawson offers spirit of service, discussion

Fogle brings police background to race

Running for State Senate, District 5

Flake wants to change jobs, shape future

Udall promises to raise Arizona rankings

Running for State House, District 5

Three in race for State House seats

Running for Arizona Corporation Commission

Corporation commission races have variety

Running for U.S. House of Representatives

Babbitt commits to small-town Arizona

Crockett: Libertarian will push for less government

Renzi believes much more needs to be done

Running for U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate race pits star and unknowns

Uncontested Candidates

Many candidates uncontested in coming election

Running for Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District

Pine, Strawberry residents to select new leaders for water improvement district

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