Further Clarification On Election Laws



Due to the positive response to my letter in last week's Roundup, and the request for more information regarding Arizona's Election Statutes, I would like to further clarify Arizona's election laws for our newcomers.

Arizona is a "primary party" state. That means, for the primary election you may only vote for candidates in your designated party. Write-in candidates must be registered as an "official write-in candidate" with the Gila County Elections Department. If not, the votes for the write-in will not count. A person registered as "no party," may, in the primary election, request a ballot from any of the parties that have qualified to be on the ballot.

The names of the winners of the primary election will appear on your general election ballot. For the general election, you may vote for any candidate on the ballot. Please feel free to contact my office by calling (800) 291-4452, or the satellite office at 201 W. Frontier St., telephone (928) 474-7198.

Linda Haught Ortega

Gila County Recorder

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