Greed Is Destroying Country



Dave Ricker's letter "Thinking Democrats should switch parties" reminds me why, as a thinking Republican, I will be voting for Kerry.

He blames the failed education system on leftist liberal educators, which is wrong. America places the fate of our children in the hands of educated professionals, yet fails to pay them a living wage or provide required materials. Cutting programs, crowding classrooms, and teachers having to buy their own supplies because we refuse to pay for our children's education. What do you expect from our teachers when they are belittled and made paupers?

He calls the American workers "union thugs." The unemployed worker in the Midwest would take exception to this. Everyday thousands of jobs leave this country while the American union worker struggles to pay bills. It is cheaper to import steel from China than make it in America. Are the 1.6 million people who have lost their jobs under Bush "thugs"?

Claiming we are "morally bankrupt," he blames our permissive society for the size of government. That is wrong. It is not a permissive society that has caused the expansion of government; it is citizens who, with tax cuts and handouts, vote themselves a raise. It is not only the mother on food stamps, but also wheat farmers and ranchers who receive federal subsidies. From the executive driving the freeway, to the retiree collecting social security, we all want "stuff." Yet, no one wants to pay for it. The executive wants good roads, but not increased fuel taxes. The retiree wants quality medical care, but not increased Medicare premiums. Farmers and ranchers want a government-financed lifestyle through crop subsidies. It is the greedy society that is destroying this country, not the liberal society.

The debt, now $450,000 per American, stands in contrast to how we live. How do you expect to pay for your children's education, the roads you drive on, a strong military, and fire protection if you will not pay taxes? Today much of the debt is in the hands of foreign competitors like China. Someday these "bankers" will call the loans due and bankrupt us.

My vote today is for fiscal responsibility. Bush has proven that he is unable and unwilling to balance the checkbook. Kerry might not do any better, but the first balanced budget in almost 40 years was under a Democratic president.

Robert Hamer


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