Join Us For Kerry's Victory Party



Sen. John McCain sounded so much like a Democrat in his talk to the Payson Town Hall Saturday afternoon, I wondered if the Roundup had made a terrible boo-boo. But I really believe it was just a political ploy on McCain's part to regain credibility in Gila County to help him get re-elected.

All the tough decisions he talked about, we know will never be addressed by the Republican-dominated Congress, especially if Bush is re-elected. When Sen. Kerry is elected president, perhaps some of these issues may come up, but it will be a struggle for him if Congress remains mostly Republican, as they do not take defeat graciously. Evidently they never had good coaches in their youth.

I invite everyone, including Republicans who voted for John Kerry, to attend a fantastic celebration party in the Democratic Headquarters at 418 S. Beeline Highway after his election to president of the United States of America on Nov. 2.

Wanda Walker


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