Leave Candidates' Signs Alone



On Oct. 9 I put up a 4-by-4 Bush/Cheney sign by the Honey Stand in Pine. The next day it was gone. So I put a small sign across the road. In a few days it was torn in half. Someone told me that his Bush/Cheney signs in Whispering Pines have disappeared.

Ken O'Dell put a big 4-by-8 Bush/Cheney sign in Rye and it is gone. My sister in Scottsdale said her Bush/Cheney signs have also been removed.

What is going on? What happened to common decency about respecting other people's rights to different opinions? This is America after all.

Of course, whoever does this mischief probably doesn't read the paper, but please let us protect everyone's rights to display their political preferences. If you see someone removing signs, ask to leave them alone even if they differ with the candidates display.

May God continue to sustain the U.S.A!

Charlotte Mortensen


Gila County Republican Committee, Pine

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